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Kilimanjaro Trek


  • Attempt Africa's highest peak!
  • World-class hiking with amazing views
  • Comfortable tents and camps
  • Fresh, local & organic cuisine
  • Amazing natural and cultural history
  • An array of African wildlife
  • Add-on safari for total African experience


Kilimanjaro!!! Join us for an unforgettable hiking adventure on Mount Kilimanjaro! Known as "the Roof of Africa" and towering over its surrounding valleys at an astounding elevation of 19,340 feet, Kilimanjaro is one of the "7 Summits" of the world! At Wildland, we prefer to get our guests ‘off the beaten path’ for a fuller, more unique experience of the world's amazing wilderness destinations. On this trip we follow the Rongai Route which provides wonderful solitude and exposes our guests to different environments and views of the mountain before merging with the more popular Marangu route. Trekking Kilimanjaro requires no technical ability, just hiking, while the main challenge is the altitude and elevation. We have created the ideal 11-day itinerary to aide our guest’s in acclimatization and a high success rate of reaching the summit of the roof of Africa.

After the trek, we provide the option for an add-on Wildlife Safari and Cultural Tour. The Wildlife Safari and Cultural Tour visits the Maasai and Hadzabe tribes and Wildlife Safaris in Tanzania’s famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Parks.
Join us for an unforgettable hike to one of the world's most famous trekking destinations! Call us at 1-888-966-TREK (8735) to learn more or book your spot today!
Click here to have a detailed PDF information packet emailed to you, or request a reservation today. You can also call us at 888-966-TREK.


Photos of this Trip

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

On our Kilimanjaro Trek, we will pick you up from Kilimanjaro International Airport in between Moshi and Arusha, Tanzania. It's important that you arrive at airport no later than 3 P.M. We will shuttle you roughly 1.5 hours to the Kilimanjaro Mountain Resort (or a comparable hotel), where we will check into the hotel rooms before having our orientation meeting and dinner. Be sure to drink copious amounts of water in route, as flying and traveling will certainly dehydrate you. Self-care begins immediately.

NOTE: If you are arriving before Day 1, please coordinate with your guide for pick up. We recommend staying at the Panone Hotel, as it is close to Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Day 2

This morning we will enjoy our first Tanzanian breakfast at the hotel before beginning the day’s activities. The main purpose of today and tomorrow is to serve as acclimatization and rest days. International travel can be very draining and proper rest and rehydration are critical to the success of a Kilimanjaro trekking trip. The hotel is located at roughly 4,900 ft. above sea level, which is a great place to begin acclimatization. After a thorough sleep-in and breakfast, we will set out on our local coffee and banana tour. In addition, we will visit Kilasia Waterfall. Be sure to bring your sandals so you can cross the small stream safely. After the tour we will head back to the hotel for a hot lunch and free time.

Depending on the day of the week, we will visit the Marangu market or have a stroll to town. We will then travel back to the resort for dinner and rest. Your guides will deliver the plan for the next day.

Day 3

Today is our second acclimatization and rest day. After a sleeping in and a hearty breakfast, we pack our day packs and head off to visit the famous Chagga caves. We have the option to climb inside the caves for a bit of exploration. From the caves, we will head to Kilimanjaro National Park gate where we will register with the Park service for our trek. You will have the option to send a post card from the gate. We then will head back to the Kilimanjaro resort for dinner, gear packing and the plan for the next day.

Day 4

Hiking Mileage: 4.1 miles
Lowest Elevation: 6,397 feet
Highest Elevation: 8,500 feet
Trekking Duration: 3-4 hours

We will pack our bags, eat breakfast and have an introduction to our team. Subsequently, we head out in Land Cruisers for a roughly 3-hour drive to the village of Nale Moru (6,397 Ft.) where our trek begins. In Nale Moru, we will have our packed launch, while our porters get the gear organized and packed for the hike. We will also sign into the national park entrance before beginning the day's hike. We begin hiking on a small path that winds through fields of maize, carrots and potatoes before entering a pine forest. The path then starts to climb gently and consistently through the beautiful, temperate forest. Along the way, we may have opportunity to view some wildlife. Colobus Monkeys usually are abundant along with several species of birds, reptiles and gazelles. We continue hiking until we arrive at Simba Camp for the night (8,500 feet). Facing North, we will have stunning views of the plains of Kenya while we enjoy a fantastic meal and relaxing evening.

Day 5

Hiking Mileage: 7.4 miles
Lowest Elevation: 8,500 feet
Highest Elevation: 12,057 feet
Trekking Duration: 8-9 hours

This morning we have a gradual hike up to Second Cave (11,300 ft.) and have lunch upon our arrival. We will soak up amazing views of Kibo Peak on Kilimanjaro and the Eastern Ice Fields sitting on the crater rim. (12,057 ft.). After lunch, we will visit a large cave and pre-historic lava tube, where we can hike and explore if time permits. We will then continue to camp at Kikielewa cave, where we will have snacks and hot drinks before being served an amazing dinner.

Day 6

Hiking Mileage: 2.3 miles
Lowest Elevation: 12,057 feet
Highest Elevation: 14,114 feet
Trekking Duration: 4-5 hours

This morning we have a wonderful breakfast and depart Kikielewa Cave and ascend until we reach Mwenzi Tarn campsite (14,114 ft.) The hike today is relatively short and we will make it to camp before lunch. After a hot lunch, we will go on an acclimatization hike up the surrounding area. We will be back at camp with time to wash up before dinner is served. Your guides will provide the plan for the next day.

Day 7

Today will serve as a layover and rest day. We will have a sleep in and some light exercise as we hike near Mwenzi Peak. This rest day at this altitude will aide our group in acclimatization for the subsequent summit day. We will eat a hot lunch and big dinner before going to sleep early to prepare for the next day.

Day 8

Hiking Mileage: 5.5 miles
Lowest Elevation: 14,114 feet
Highest Elevation: 15,4665 feet
Trekking Duration: 5-6 hours

This morning we leave camp with beautiful views of Mwenzi and Kibo Peaks. At 14,000 ft. it can be challenging to hike, so we will take our time and begin trekking across the high altitude desert to the campsite at Kibo. Upon arrival at the Kibo around mid-day, we will eat lunch and then rest in our tents before dinner is served around 6 pm. After dinner, we will go to sleep until waking up around 11:30 pm. We will have hot drinks and biscuits before starting our accent up to the Kilimanjaro summit!

Day 9

Hiking Mileage: 10 miles
Lowest Elevation: 12,208 feet
Highest Elevation: 19,340 feet
Trekking Duration: 10-14 hours

As we begin our summit attempt, will only bring what we need. Typically, the sky is clear and is filled with stars. It is a very peaceful time to be on the mountain. We will continue hiking with our goal to reach the edge of the crater, Gillman’s peak and then the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak. At the summit we'll snap pictures and soak up the gratification of our achievement. Looking down on the valleys and forests surrounding Kilimanjaro as the sun rises, most hikers feel this is one of the most memorable half-hours of their lives. After having photos at Uhuru peak, we will begin our decent back to basecamp. Upon arrival at basecamp, we will rest and have lunch before beginning our 3-hour (gentle) descent to Horombo camp. NOTE: This is a very long day and most guests are very tired upon reaching basecamp and then walking to Horombo.

Day 10

Hiking Mileage: 12.4 miles
Lowest Elevation: 6,250 feet
Highest Elevation: 12,208 feet
Trekking Duration: 6-8 hours

Today is the last day of our trek on Mount Kilimanjaro and it’s a long hike. We will be descending to where we registered at the Marangu Gate and have lunch upon arrival. We stop at the Mandara Huts for a long break before continuing down to the park entrance. For those guests who made the summit of Kilimanjaro or climbed to Gilliman’s point, you can collect your certificates before saying goodbye to our support staff.

If you are continuing on with us for the Wildlife Safari and Cultural Tour, you will be transferred to our hotel in Arusha along with your guide and other guests who are doing the safari. We will check into our hotel and enjoy dinner at the hotel and a much deserved night's sleep in preparation for the first day of the safari.

If you are not joining the safari, your guide will drop you off at the Panone Hotel near JRO International Airport, where rooms and dinner are provided.

Day 11

For guests joining the Safari, today is Day 1 of the Safari.

For guests only doing Kilimanjaro, you will be at the Panone Hotel and transported back to Kilimanjaro International Airport (in which case please book your flight no earlier than 9 A.M.).

Optional Add-on Safari

Make the most of your time in Africa with an add-on Safari tour that takes place after your trek to Kilimanjaro (on Day 11)! 6 days in length and all-inclusive, our Safari Add-on tour is an opportunity to experience Africa's amazing wildlife and unique, colorful cultures. Click here to read more about our Add-on Safari Tour!

Add-on Rooms: If you'd like to extend your stay, we are happy to book extra room nights before and/or after your trip at our preferred hotel for an additional 30% service fee.

Please Note: We always do everything in our power to follow the set itinerary, however occasionally trips are subject to itinerary changes based on a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to: extreme weather, political or bureacratic obstacles, earthquakes, fires, flooding and more.

Trip Details

What's Included

  • $1,400 per person Kilimanjaro National Park fees (+$765 per person in park fees for Safari add-on)
  • A detailed trip packet that takes the guesswork out of your travel, training, packing, and preparing for the trip
  • Access to our Adventure Consultant team 7 days a week
  • Transportation for the duration of the tour starting on Day 1 and ending on the day you depart
  • Lodging before and after the trekking portion of the trip at Kilimanjaro Resort
  • Tent accommodations
  • Porters to ferry gear between camps
  • Use of a day pack and trekking poles
  • All meals from breakfast on Day 2 through lunch on the last day of the trekking portion of the trip
  • Professional, knowledgeable, certified Kilimanjaro hiking guides (U.S.-based and local guides)
  • Emergency equipment including a company-issued first-aid kit and satellite phone
  • You will receive a Lifetime Hiking Membership entitling you, your spouse and kids to a lifetime discount of 10% off any Wildland Trekking hiking trip after your first one!

What's Not Included

  • Transportation to Tanzania (to Kilimanjaro International Airport)
  • Trip insurance that includes medical coverage and at least $200,000 in evacuation and repatriation coverage (strongly encouraged)
  • Bar bills, drink bills, extra snacks, telephone bills , wifi bills and other personal expenses (shopping/ laundry)
  • All expenses due to unavoidable events e.g. flight cancellation, personal illness, strikes, etc. (we recommend trip insurance coverage for these variables)
  • Clothes, raingear, and footwear
  • Sunscreen, toiletries and personal items
  • Water bottles and a headlamp or flashlight
  • Gratuity for guide(s) and crew (industry recommendation is 10-15% of trip cost; please tip your USA guide and they will distribute responsibly to the crew. USD is recommended.)
See the Packing Lists page for more information.

Meals: What To Expect

This Kilimanjaro hiking tour features a combination of in-town meals and meals prepared by a professional chef. Most meals are prepared on the trail by our chef and support staff, and consist of local, organic and fresh produce.

For optimal taste and energy, we supplement all our meals with spices, herbs, oils, cheeses, butter, sugar, and fruits and vegetables. In addition, we provide you with with an assortment of trail mix, snacks, and dried fruits to eat at your own discretion.

We can often accommodate vegan, vegetarian, kosher and non-gluten diets and make adjustments for food allergies. These and other special dietary requests may require an additional fee, and in some countries may be more difficult to accommodate than others. Please inquire with us for more information about the specific trip you're interested in.

Gear We Provide

We provide all group gear which includes the following:
  • Backpacks
  • Trekking poles
  • Company-issued first-aid kit
  • Satellite phone

What Gear To Bring

We ask that you supply a couple of gear items on your hiking tour. These items are three 1-liter water bottles per person and basic items like sunscreen, bug repellent (where and when applicable), lip balm, and toiletries are also important. All of these items are available online at Wildland Trekking Outfitters.

What Clothes to Bring

Please refer to the trip packet for a recommended clothing list (we email you a detailed trip packet when you inquire and when you register). All trips require a sturdy pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots (reliable brands include Montrail, Lowa, Merrell, Vasque, and Salomon), rain gear, and non-cotton and cotton clothing layers. A minimum of three pairs of wool or synthetic hiking socks are also required. All of these items are available online at Wildland Trekking Outfitters.

NOTE: See the Packing Lists page for more detailed information on what clothes and gear to bring on your hiking tour. The trip packet you receive when you contact us will have the most accurate clothing and gear list for the tour you're interested in.

Trip Logistics

How do I Register?

Ready to hike? Simply click here and complete the form to get the ball rolling. Our adventure consultants will confirm availability, and if you're ready to register we'll email you a link to a registration profile. You'll have 48 hours to complete your profile (and that of any dependents) and pay the deposit ($500).

Feel free to call us for more info - we're here 7 days a week!

Tanzanian Visa (Required)

To join this trip, guests must have a Tanzanian Visa no later than 2 months before the trip start date. Please visit the Tanzania-U.S. Embassy Website to apply for your visa.

Where Do We Meet?

We will meet you at Kilimanjaro International Airport (near Moshi, Tanzania) on Day 1 and transport you to the first three nights' hotel, where we'll meet and prepare for our trip. Your guide will be in contact approximately 4 weeks before your trip to coordinate your rendezvous and answer any last-minute questions you have.

All international trips officially begin with either pick-up at the airport or with rendezvous at the first night's hotel. They end on the final day after breakfast with either drop-off at the airport or with guest departure from the guide(s) and the rest of the group.

Safety Considerations

Your safety is our top priority. This trek is led by professional hiking guides (U.S.-based and local) along with additional support staff. All of our guides are wilderness-certified first responders or EMT's, each with years of guiding and wilderness experience. We've developed comprehensive risk management protocols that our guides adhere to in case of an emergency, and all tours carry a satellite phone. If you have any further questions about safety, please contact us at 1-888-966-TREK (8735) for more information.

In the interest of your safety, it's important to refer to the Center for Disease Control website for up-to-date recommendations on immunizations before your trip. We also recommend consulting with your physician before traveling abroad. Guides

Your tour will be led by trained, experienced professionals (both U.S.-based and local, click here to learn more) with solid guiding backgrounds, years of personal wilderness and hiking experience, medical certifications, and a passion for leading people into breathtaking landscapes. Check out our Meet Our Team page for staff bios.

Guide Working Parameters

Guides are required to take 8 hours off each 24-hour period to sleep, recuperate, take personal/down time...etc. In addition, as part of the 8 hours off they must sleep/rest or be in their tents/rooms uninterrupted for a minimum of 5 hours each night. We ask guests to respect these requirements and to not interrupt guides' off time and sleep time unless there is a true emergency.

Group Size and Age Restrictions

The standard group size on this hiking tour is 12 guests and 2-3 guides, with a minimum of 2 guests and 1-2 guides. If you have more questions about group size, please give us a call at 1-888-966-TREK (8735) and we'll answer all your questions.

Age restrictions are as follows:
  • 12 and older to join scheduled tours (mixed groups)
  • 5 and older to join private tours, with final approval and specific logistical requirements (such as porter or stock assist) determined on a case by case basis

Weather on Kilimanjaro

The temperatures on Mount Kilimanjaro vary tremendously from hot and exposed to quite cold. The trek from the national park entrance to the summit is the climatic equivalent of traveling from Brazilian rainforests to the Arctic in just a couple days. Our home base for the first 3 days, at Kilimanjaro Resort, is located at 4,900 feet which is in the second warmest and dryest climatic zone surrounding Kilimanjaro. From there we will hike through 4 different ecological zones, representing a massive range of temperatures as we ascend toward the summit.

The average temperatures and precipitation in Kilimanjaro are:

Average Temperatures (Fahrenheit)
Rain Forest