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Award-winning Hiking and Backpacking Tours

Why Join a Guided Hiking or Backpacking Tour?

10,000+ people join our guided hiking tours and backpacking trips annually, and there are many reasons so many people make this choice:


Choosing the Right Hiking Trip

Choosing the right trip is a key ingredient for enjoying your hiking vacation. We offer backpacking trips, horse/llama/porter supported hikes, inn-based tours, basecamp tours and day hikes. For guests looking to challenge themselves and travel deep into the backcountry, a backpacking trip is the best choice. Some people want to explore the backcountry but without heavy backpacks, and for those folks we recommend horse/llama/porter supported trips. Inn-based and basecamp tours are multi-day hiking vacations that showcase the best hikes and highlights of an area and are either inn-based or camping-based, and are great for families, couples, and solo travelers. And, finally, day hikes are an exceptional way to maximize a short amount of time at one of America's amazing national parks.

More than a Hiking Tour Company

At Wildland we are passionate about hiking, trekking and backpacking but what ultimately drives us is much deeper than the physical activities themselves - it's love for the Earth and for the wild places that remain. There are many hiking tour companies that take people out for a day of adventure and not much more. And that's wonderful. Wildland though is more than a hiking tour company - we strive to use our business as a tool for conservation. Our trips are vehicles with which we hope to connect our guests with the natural world in ways that motivate action to protect those places.


Where and When to Hike

For desert hiking destinations like Havasu Falls, Zion, Bryce, and Death Valley, the best seasons are spring, fall and winter. In mountain destinations like Yellowstone, Iceland, the Pacific Northwest, the Alps and others, the best seasons to hike are late spring, summer and early fall. Some destinations are great year round, regardless of whether they're desert or mountains; examples are Grand Canyon, Sedona, the Smoky Mountains, Yosemite, Yellowstone (ski and snowshoe tours), and Peru. Winter is, generally, the most underrated hiking and backpacking season in many areas, as it's a spectacular time of year to enjoy a hiking vacation.

Local Experiences with Global Expertise

Many hiking tour companies specialize on one national park or region. At Wildland our destination focus is broad but our experiences are intimate and local. We have 8 branches in the United States, with local managers and guides who are passionate and knowledgeable about their immediate geographical regions. Internationally, we are a hiking tour company with expert, local guides spread across the globe who we vetted and trained to meet the very high Wildland standard. The combination of traveling with expert, local guides but knowing your trip has the Wildland signature of quality on it is our way of providing the best of both worlds.