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Yellowstone Hiking & Backpacking Tours

Join us in Yellowstone for the hiking adventure of a lifetime! We offer guided Yellowstone hikes that are all-inclusive, expert-designed and expert-led. Our offerings include Yellowstone backpacking trips, Yellowstone llama treks, basecamp Yellowstone hiking tours, inn-based Yellowstone hiking tours, Yellowstone winter tours, and Yellowstone day hikes.

Yellowstone's backcountry offers a stunning array of highlights including abundant wildlife; geysers, mud pots and hot springs; vast meadow systems; pristine rivers, streams and lakes; towering mountain peaks; and a tangible, invigorating sense of wildness. All of our expert-guided trips are designed to show you the magic of America's first national park and to make your visit unforgettable!

Check out our array of available Yellowstone day hikes and backpacking options below to find the perfect hiking tour for you.

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Yellowstone Backpacking Trips
10 Adventures
Our guided backpacking tours take you into the heart of world-renowned wilderness destinations. Enjoy solitude and adventure as you embark on a self-sufficient journey deep into Yellowstone!
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Yellowstone Llama Treks
8 Adventures
On our Llama Supported trips your gear is carried by pack llamas, allowing you to hike with only a light day pack and enjoy a greater diversity of fresh foods than on a backpacking trip.
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Camping-based Yellowstone Hiking Tours
1 Adventure
A Basecamp Hiking Tour is a great way to have an adventurous outdoor experience of Yellowstone while hiking with only a light daypack and sleeping soundly in comfortable, vehicle-accessible camps.
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Inn-based Yellowstone Hiking Tours
4 Adventures
On our inn-based hiking tours you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything. Your only "job" is absorbing and enjoying all Yellowstone National Park has to offer!
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Yellowstone Ski and Snowshoe Tours
2 Adventures
Discover the magic of winter in Yellowstone on one of our Inn-based Yellowstone Winter Tours. We offer an all-around Yellowstone experience including geysers, wildlife, frozen waterfalls and more!
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Yellowstone Day Hike Tours
6 Adventures
Maximize your time in Yellowstone by embarking on a day hike tour with one of our expert guides! Enjoy the assurance that comes with hiking with a guide who knows the area!
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Why Hike Yellowstone with Us?

1. #1 Outdoor Activity in Yellowstone on Trip Advisor
Widland Trekking Online Reviews

Nearly 1,000 guests join our Yellowstone hiking tours and backpacking trips every year and more than 98% of them report an "Excellent" experience. Wildland Trekking is the the highest rated adventure tour company in Yellowstone National Park on Trip Advisor: click here to see our Trip Advisor page. You can read more reviews on our Wildland Trekking Reviews page.

2. Professional, Friendly Guides
Wildland Hiking Guide in Grand Canyon

Our guides love working in Yellowstone! Because we also operate in the Jackson Hole Area, Tetons and Wind River Range, our guides can guide a variety of trips including backpacking trips, llama treks, inn-based and basecamp hiking tours and more all in one region. What this means for our guests is that we have a very low turnover rate in Yellowstone, and that's compared to our already very low turnover rate company-wide. You can count on professional, friendly guides who are ready and excited to show you an amazing time on your Yellowstone hiking adventure!

3. Wonderful Meals and Excellent Gear
camping meal - bowl of noodles

We take a unique approach to meals at Wildland Trekking - we train our guides, we give them excellent resources, they must certify in outdoor food preparation, and then we trust them to wow our guests. We believe the reasons this works are that every group is different and guides must be able to adapt to the needs and desires of their groups; people take great pride in their work when they feel it's their work, and it shows as Wildland guides are passionate about cooking amazing meals; and our guests get different, amazing meals every time they travel with us. No cookie-cutter meals here (no pun intended!)

As far as gear, we use nothing but the best! Our backpacking trip guests are outfitted with more than $1000 of gear in retail value. Our gear is from big named companies and we take great care of it, then retire it sooner than we probably should (but that way our guests get to use fantastic gear and some lucky people out there get great deals on usted gear!)

4. Commitment to Safety
guides helping woman cross river in Canadian Rockies

Safety is our #1 priority and we take that very, very seriously. Because Yellowstone is grizzly country, safety is an even higher priority than many other national parks. Every backcountry guest is outfitted with bear spray, and every trip - frontcountry and backcountry - hikes with a satellite phone for quick and easy communication with the outside world. We also have a 24/7 emergency on-call line that guides, guests, and family members can call any time to reach a Wildland Trekking manager.

5. All-inclusive Tours
all-inclusive hiking tours

Many hiking companies don't provide key gear items like sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, trekking poles, bear spray and more - or they charge "gear rental fees." At Wildland Trekking we provide all of these items plus transportation, meals, permits and fees, and more in the trip cost. We want our guests to be able to focus 100% on enjoying their Yellowstone hiking tour or Yellowstone backpacking trip, without the headaches of worrying about the details we should be handling.

More Information About Yellowstone Trips

The Yellowstone Wilderness Experience

When you think of a wilderness, you might think about miles of fields lined with trees stretching to the sky, gorgeous snow-capped peaks, exquisite wildlife or flowing waterfalls. With over 1,000 miles of hiking trails, Yellowstone National Park has it all. Millions of visitors trek across the vast expanse of Yellowstone National Park each year to enjoy flora and fauna, exquisite views, and rich cultural history — and Wildland Trekking is here to help you experience it.

Whether you want to take a well-traversed path through the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone or experience the deep solitude of Bunsen Peak, our experts will take you to some of the most phenomenal views in America. Each of our day hikes and overnight backpacking adventures offers a unique look at the real Yellowstone — the flower-filled fields, luxurious hot springs, expansive woodlands and so much more — as it was meant to be experienced, and at a skill level that's right for beginners and experienced backpacking experts alike.

Experience Yellowstone With an Expert-Guided Tour

Our expert-guided hiking and backpacking trips allow you to explore the vast regions of Yellowstone more profoundly and safely than you could on your own. Because many trails are more than 7,000 feet above sea level, most areas remain snow-covered until June or July. Many paths also require fording cold, deep rivers. Our experts are trained according to high safety standards to guide you through these areas at a pace that fits your needs. You can relax and enjoy all that Yellowstone National Park has to offer while we take care of the rest.

Not only will our professionals help you explore Yellowstone more intensely and safely, but they'll also offer you unique learning opportunities as you discover the vibrant history behind the park, as well as the area's geology, ecology and impressive facts that make Yellowstone unique. You won't find such a rich and comprehensive learning adventure anywhere else.

Book Now to Begin Your Yellowstone Adventure

If you've always wanted to explore the vast wilderness of Yellowstone but weren't sure where to begin, look no further than Wildland Trekking and our vast range of affordable Yellowstone hiking tours and backpacking options.

At Wildland Trekking, we do more than offer guided hikes across Yellowstone — we take the stress of planning out of your entire vacation. Sit back and enjoy the gorgeous views as our guides provide all the meals, top-quality gear, local transportation, expert knowledge, and comprehensive risk management you'll need throughout your time at the park.

If you need any more information or have questions for our team, we're happy to help. Contact us today or book one of our Yellowstone hiking tours now to begin your once-in-a-lifetime journey with Wildland Trekking!

Why Join a Guided Hiking Trip in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone is a huge national park (it's bigger than some states!) with literally countless options for hiking and backpacking trips. It also has significant objective hazards including grizzly bears and other potentially aggressive wildlife, geothermal features, potentially extreme weather, river crossings and more. By going with a guided tour company, you can choose from proven trips that were selected by experts, and enjoy those trips with a maximum level of safety. You also don't have to travel with gear, worry about permits, plan menus, or figure out local transportation. You can show up stress-free and focus 100% on enjoying your Yellowstone hiking vacation!

What Type of Trip Should I Join?

We offer Yellowstone backpacking trips, Yellowstone llama treks, inn-based and basecamp hiking tours, ski and snowshoe tours, and day hikes. That's a lot to choose from! If you want to experience the deep wilderness of the Park and sleep under the stars, then consider a backpacking trip or llama trek. If you want an all-around experience of all Yellowstone has to offer, we recommend an inn-based or basecamp tour. If you're visiting in winter, or want to experience Yellowstone in its most pristine season, a ski or snowshoe tour is the way to go. Finally, if you're in Yellowstone for a short time and want to maximize your visit, a day hike is a popular choice.

When is the Best Time to Hike Yellowstone?

Yellowstone is an excellent destination for a hiking vacation from May through October, with the prime months being July, August and September. Early season, May and June, is an excellent time for backpacking trips in certain areas of the Park, as well as inn-based and basecamp tours. July through October is wonderful for all trip styles, and September and October are particularly nice with much thinned out crowds and active wildlife. Yellowstone ski and snowshoe tours are best in December, January and February.

Yellowstone Visitor Information

Yellowstone Visitor Information

Tips for Visiting Yellowstone