Trip Styles

Guided Backpacking Trips

On a Backpacking Trip you'll camp in the backcountry and carry everything you need for the trip in a top-of-the-line, fitted backpack we provide. Pack weights vary between 25 and 45 pounds, depending on the duration of the trip, the time of year, and the guest's height and weight. All meals are prepared by your guide and we provide nearly all the gear. Backpacking is an exceptional way to enjoy America's amazing public lands!

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Stock and Porter Supported Hiking Tours

The Stock/Porter Supported option denotes hiking and backcountry camping trips on which your gear will be carried in by mules, horses, llamas, or human porters. These trips are still 100% hiking trips. You will be trekking with a light day pack that contains your water, personal items, trail snacks, and some clothing. Your extra clothing and personal items will be carried in for you, and we provide all meals and camping gear.

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Basecamp Hiking Tours

Basecamp Trips are based in vehicle-accessible camps, and as such accommodate larger tents, thicker and more comfortable sleeping pads, coolers for refreshments, a greater variety of perishable foods, and access to showers. Every day features unique hikes into destinations hand-picked for their scenic beauty, adventurous hiking, unique natural features, wildlife, and/or solitude. We provide all meals and camping gear.

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Inn-based Hiking Tours

On Inn-based hiking tours you'll hike by day and at night sleep in cabins, hotels, lodges, huts or teahouses (see each trip for specifics). Food on these tours is a mix of field-prepared cuisine and third party meals at establishments that reflect the local culture and color of the region. Some of our tours feature a mix of camping and lodging. To have a room to yourself, please take note of the single room supplement.

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Day Hiking Tours

Maximize your time at the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite or Rocky Mountain National Park by embarking on a day hike tour with one of our expert hiking guides! Learn about the amazing area you're visiting as it comes to life with unique stories and information relayed through your guide. All day hikes include a guide, use of a day pack and trekking poles, trail snacks and lunch.

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Custom Hiking Tours

A Custom Hiking Tour is your opportunity to hike in perfect company! You pick the place, you tell us what you want, and we put a trip together just for you. Whether it's family, friends or associates, the trip is only open to your group. You can pick any trip we offer and make it a custom trip just for your group. Or if you want a different trip, we're more than happy to look into adding it!

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