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Guided Llama Treks

Join us for a multi-day llama-supported hiking adventure! Explore Yellowstone National Park, the iconic Wind River Range, off-the-beaten-path mountains around Jackson Hole, the west side of the Tetons, or Peru's amazing Rainbow Mountain trail. Our llama treks are all-inclusive hiking vacations that take you to some of the most beautiful mountain country in the United States and beyond.

Aside from carrying the bulk of the supplies, allowing guests to hike with light day packs, llamas are amazing trail companions. You can choose to lead a llama or just hike on your own, but either way you're likely to fall in love with these amazing animals by the end of your trip. Low impact, strong, friendly, and exotic, llamas are the perfect pack animal. Joining a llama hike is something you won't soon forget!

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Yellowstone Llama Treks
11 Adventures
Explore Yellowstone National Park on a guided Yellowstone llama trek! See waterfalls, vast meadow systems, wildlife, geothermal features and more.
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Wind River Llama Treks
4 Adventures
The Wind River Range is one of America's most stunning mountain ranges with glaciers, towering granite peaks, countless mountain lakes, and more!
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Wind River Llama Treks
4 Adventures
The mountains around Jackson Hole, Wyoming are stunning, quiet, and pristine, with endless views reminiscent of the Alps. Enjoy the Gros Ventre or Wyoming Ranges.
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Tetons backpacking trips
3 Adventures
The west side of the Tetons are another world from the famous national park. With plenty of solitude and amazing views, these trips don't disappoint!
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Rocky Mountain Llama Treks
3 Adventures
The heart of Colorado's Rockies, Rocky Mountain National Park offers a stunning destination for a llama trek, with alpine lakes, towering peaks and more!
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Grand Staircase-escalante Llama Treks
3 Adventures
Discover Utah's most dramatic and wild Canyon Country landscapes in style on a Utah llama trek! Explore arches, oases, slickrock, remote canyons, cultural historya and more!
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Capitol Reef Backpacking Trips
1 Adventure

Capitol Reef is an off-the-beaten-path national park that showcases the best of Utah's canyon country with stunning beauty and amazing solitude!

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Rainbow Mountain Llama Trek
1 Adventure
Our Rainbow Mountain Llama Trek combines the uniqueness and cultural significance of Peruvian llama trekking with high Andes hiking, Rainbow mountain and Machu Picchu.
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Why Do a Llama Trek with Wildland?

1. Top Rated Company on Trip Advisor
Widland Trekking Online Reviews

With more than 10,000 guests joining our hiking and backpacking tours annually, we have a proven track record of providing quality trips that exceed our guests' expectations. We are the top-rated company, and in fact activity, on five different national park Trip Advisor pages. You can see all of our Trip Advisor ratings on our Wildland Trekking Reviews. We also have 5-star status on Yelp, Google, and Trust Pilot!

2. Exceptional Certified Llama Guides and Wranglers
Wildland Hiking Guide in Grand Canyon

We're dedicated to hiring and training the best llama guides in the industry. To ensure we follow through on this commitment, we seek out career-minded guides, hire them as employees, comply with all labor laws, conduct extensive staff trainings, and require current medical and professional certifications. In addition to technical competency and credentials, we also require excellent people skills. These extraordinary men and women have the ability to turn a great llama trekking vacation into an unforgettable, inspiring - and sometimes truly life changing - adventure. We invite you to read more about them - including reviews for llama guides - on our Meet Our Team page.

3. Fantastic Meals and Top of the Line Gear
camping meal - bowl of noodles

To provide fantastic food to our llama trek guests we customize our menus based on the preferences of the group, and you can expect abundant, delicious food to fuel and motivate you on your llama hike! We also regularly accommodate specialty diets.

Gear must be optimally dependable, durable and functional, so we purchase from only the best outdoor gear companies like Osprey, Black Diamond, and MSR. Our llama tours include equipment with a retail value of up to $1,000 per guest.

4. Comprehensive Risk Management
guides helping woman cross river in Canadian Rockies

Safety on our llama trekking tours is the number one priority. All llama guides are certified Wilderness First Responders or EMTs, and each carries a field-issued first aid kit, comprehensive list of medical protocols, and a state-of-the-art emergency communication device. We also have a 24-hour on-call line that our staff, guests, and family members of guests can call any time (literally) to speak with a company representative.

5. All-inclusive Llama Hiking Tours
all-inclusive hiking tours

Some hiking companies and outfitters don't provide sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks and other items, or they charge "gear rental" fees for use of these items - on our trips those items are fully included in the trip price. What about meals, permit fees and transportation fees? All totally included.

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More About Wildland Llama Treks

Why Join a Llama Trek?

Llamas allow guests to hike deep into the wilderness of stunning destinations and not have to carry the full weight of a multi-day backpack. Each llama can carry 70 pounds of equipment and supplies, which allows us to also pack in more elaborate meals and other amenities like tables and camp chairs. Many of our guests hike with llamas for the simple benefit of them carrying the gear, but by the end of the trip have fallen in love with these incredibly unique, hard working pack animals. They make a hiking trip better in almost every way!

What's Included on Llama Trips?

Our trips are all-inclusive! We provide tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, backpacks, trekking poles, all your meals, snacks, guides, and local transportation. You bring along your clothes, shoes, rain gear, a couple water bottles, personal items, and a headlamp and you're good to go! We don't charge extra for almost anything, unlike many hiking companies out there who charge extra for "gear rental fees."

Are Llamas Good Pack Animals?

Yes! Llamas are amazing pack animals. They are low impact, friendly, sure footed, and great camp guards. If a bear is in the area, they let us know and will help alert us to any other possible intruders as well. They don't require heavy feed and they don't lead to erosion of trails or denude the ground where we camp. As mentioned above, many of our guests join a llama trek because they don't want to carry a heavy multi-day backpack, but by the end of the trip they've fallen in love with these amazing animals.