Trip Insurance

Why Trip Insurance?

We heartily recommend purchasing trip insurance for a very simple reason: life is unpredictable. Injuries, illnesses, travel delays, family emergencies, natural events and an assortment of other occurrences can prohibit your ability to travel. Traveling with Wildland Trekking is an active vacation, and something as small as an injured toe could prevent your trip from happening.

We designed our terms and conditions with trip insurance in mind. When you register for a trip that spot is no longer available, and we begin turning away other would-be guests. Therefore, if you discover inside of 30 days (prior to your trip departure date) that you are unable to travel, a refund is not offered. With trip insurance, not only is your payment to us covered, but your flights, hotels and other travel costs can also be insured.

Important Note: To obtain full policy benefits and waiver of pre-existing conditions, trip insurance should be purchased within 20 days of your initial payment or deposit.

Trip Insurance Products


This is our best-selling policy. It includes trip cancellation and trip interruption protection in addition to medical and emergency evacuation benefits. Also, children can be insured for no additional cost. Some commonly filed claims are injury prior to trip, travel delay, and hospitalization or death of a family member.

Example 1: John and Mary insure their trip for $2,000 each. John hurts his ankle prior to the trip. John and Mary submit a cancellation request and are refunded up to $4,000 of losses.

Example 2: Sarah and Emily graduate from college and book a Grand Canyon trip. They insure the trip. Sarah's grandma passes away before the trip. Both Sarah and Emily can file a cancellation claim.


This policy includes trip cancellation and trip interruption protection in addition to increased medical and emergency evacuation benefits. The TRAVEL LX policy also includes CANCEL FOR ANY REASON (example, your football team makes it to the Super Bowl and you would rather not take your tour). To be eligible to CANCEL FOR ANY REASON you must purchase the policy within 20 days of initial trip payment. Small business owners particularly like this benefit, especially if they have a history of not being able to get away from work.

Important Note: Not available in the state of New York.

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International Trip Insurance

Wildland International requires trip insurance on all Alps and Nepal trips, and strongly recommends trip insurance for all other destinations.

The TRAVEL SE and LX products both meet our Alps and Nepal requirements. They also provide, in addition to the previously mentioned benefits, repatriation coverage and help with theft of passport/loss of ID. Finally, policy benefits are greater than recommended coverages as outlined by the U.S. Department of State.

Important Note: All Alps trips require a minimum of field evacuation, repatriation and medical insurance. All Nepal trips require a minimum of field evacuation and repatriation insurance.

Need help? Want to learn more?

For additional information please see our FAQs Page here. Or, if you prefer communicating with a real, live person, feel free to contact our exclusive agent Michael Bennett. Michael handles trip insurance and international medical insurance for a multitude of companies around the world. He will help you identify the best product for your needs, and there are no costs associated with his assistance. See his contact information below.

Email Michael Bennett at
US: Call 877-305-9083
Direct/International: 702-448-3664

Most Common Wildland Trekking Claims

Suprising Fact: The majority of trip insurance claims occur 1-7 days prior to leaving your home.

  • Sickness or injury of insured, family member, or travel companion
  • Weather -missed connecting flight and cancellations
  • Job Loss or Job Relocation
  • Death of a grandparent, elderly parent or immediate family member
  • Getting called for Jury Duty
  • Documented Traffic Accident
  • Trip destination becomes uninhabitable from a wild fire or flooding
  • Theft of passport

The above list are just some of the problems that could occur to disrupt your trip.

Hot Tip: The top 1% of travelers in the United States ALWAYS have trip insurance. If you travel enough, you will have trip insurance claims....

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