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USA Hiking Vacations & Tours

Picture yourself hiking into the Grand Canyon's cliff-rimmed depths. Or the towering, craggy peaks and geothermal wonders of Yellowstone, the Wind River Range, and the Tetons. Trek into the brilliant canyon country landscapes of Utah where arches, spires, hoodoos, spring-fed creeks, and canyons mark our way. Or the sheer glacial-cut domes, thundering waterfalls, and sparkling high country of Yosemite. Or the miracle of biodiversity that is the Great Smoky Mountains, where crystal clear creeks, deep forests, and huge Appalachian views fill us with awe. The list goes on... Our destinations cover the very best of all the USA has to offer eager travelers and hiking enthusiasts!

Our hiking vacations and hiking tours include backpacking trips, inn-based tours, camping-based tours ("basecamp"), porter and horse supported hikes, and more! Whether you like to hike or love to hike, we have plenty of options for all ability levels and levels of adventure!

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Lost Coast Backpacking Trips

The Lost Coast is a stretch of California coastline so rugged State Highway 101 was forced to go around...leaving a coastal wilderness perfect for backpacking!

Lost Coast Trek
Colorado Hiking Tours and Backpacking Trips

A wonderland of alpine lakes, meadows, rivers and peaks, the Flat Tops Wilderness of Colorado is one of the largest and most stunning wilderness areas in the Rockies!

Flat Tops Trip Styles
Montana & Wyoming
North Carolina
Vermont Hiking Tour

Experience Vermont's amazing fall colors display on a lodge-based eco-tour of the famous Long Trail through stunning Northeast mountains.

Vermont Tour
Washington State
Inn-based Rainier Hikes

Enjoy amazing hikes on Mount Rainier that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the grandeur of this towering volcano while hiking with just a light day pack and enjoying wonderful lodging!

Mount Rainier Trip Styles
North Cascades Hiking Tours

Explore the crown jewel of Pacific Northwest backpacking - North Cascades National Park! Discover glaciers, temperate rain forests, wildlife and more!

North Cascades Trip Styles

What is a Hiking Vacation?

A hiking vacation or multi-day hiking tour can naturally take many different forms, but for most travelers it's a trip to a new or return destination to hike, explore, learn and discover. Some of the most popular destinations in the U.S.A. for a hiking vacation are:

  • Desert Southwest: Grand Canyon, Southern Utah, Sedona, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Capitol Reef, Paria Canyon, and more
  • Sierra Nevadas Mountains: Yosemite, Eastern Sierras, Sequoia-Kings Canyon and more
  • Pacific Northwest: Mountain Rainier, Olympic National Park, North Cascades National Park and more
  • Rocky Mountains: Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park, Glacier National Park and more
  • Appalachia: Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Blue Ridge Mountains and more

Camp or Accommodations?

Many travelers choose to camp on hiking vacations in the U.S., but staying in accommodations can also be a great option, without necessarily detracting from the level of adventure of a multi-day hiking tour. Accommodations in the U.S. normally are hotels and lodges, with an outside of chance of finding yurt accommodations (semi-permanent, framed, soft-sided structures).

Backpacking or Trekking?

Backpacking is a truly spectacular way to make the most of a vacation. It allows people to unplug completely from all the devices that surround them in normal life, and to immerse themselves in pristine, natural landscapes. It allows a deep journey into the wilderness of some of America's most stunning natural areas like those listed above. However, a backpacking trip is not the only way to enjoy a hiking vacation, and in fact for some people it's not the right hiking tour to choose. There are also trips that can be portered or the supplies carried by stock (horses, donkeys, mules or llamas), camping-based trips that are vehicle-accessible, and hotel-based or lodge-based trips. The latter options allow fantastic day hiking opportunities which can offer an incredible level of diversity to the hiking experiences that a backpacking trip may not allow.

Why a Guided Hiking Vacation with Wildland Trekking?

Joining a guided hiking trip will offer many benefits to the U.S.A. traveler:

  • You can travel light and free, without having to burden yourself with gear and supplies.
  • All the logistics are handled for you, which include permits, reservations, planning, packing, food purchasing, shuttles...etc.
  • Learn from local experts - Wildland Trekking guides are very knowledgeable about the areas where we work. They can make an area come to life through stories, info tidbits, pointing out intimate details, orienting guests to the big picture of where we are hiking...etc. in ways that hiking on your own is very difficult to do.
  • Hand-picked, world-class hiking itineraries - simply put, going with a company like Wildland Trekking will ensure you are investing your time and money on a trip worth doing. We only offer world-class itineraries.
  • Emergency and evacuation systems are in place in case they are needed.