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Montana and Wyoming Hiking & Backpacking

Montana and Wyoming are home to the heart of the Northern Rocky Mountains, with vast basin and range country and skies that stretch forever. Some of the world's most famous mountains and national parks reside in these two magificent states. Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, the Wind River Range, Jackson Hole, and more. We offer multi-day backpacking trips and llama treks in Yellowstone, the west side of the Tetons, the Wind River Range and Jackson Hole area. In Yellowstone we also offer inn-based hiking tours, basecamp tours, day hikes and ski and snowshoe tours. We invite you to peruse our Montana and Wyoming hiking destinations and trip styles below and contact us with any questions!

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Yellowstone Hiking Tours and Backpacking Trips

Discover Yellowstone's pristine backcountry geysers, thermals, waterfalls, and wildlife on a Yellowstone hiking tour!

Yellowstone Trip Styles
Wind River Hiking Guides

Experience North America's stunning Wind River Range with its spires, lakes, wildlife, meadows and alpine wonderland!

Wind River Styles
Jackson Hole Hiking Guides

The mountains around Jackson Hole, Wyoming are wild, remote, lightly visited and spectacularly beautiful - explore them with us!

Jackson Hole Trip Styles
Tetons Hiking Guides

Discover the phenomenal alpine backcountry of the western Tetons Range in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness Area! Choose from multiple options!

Tetons Trip Styles
Absaroka-Beartooth Backpacking Trips

This remote mountain range east of Yellowstone National Park offers profound beauty, deep wilderness, wildlife and more to willing adventurers!

Absaroka Trip Styles
Yellowstone Ski and Snowshoe Tours

Discover Yellowstone's pristine backcountry geysers, thermals, waterfalls, and wildlife on a Yellowstone hiking tour!

Ski and Snowshoe Tours

More About Montana & Wyoming Hiking Vacations

Why a Montana or Wyoming Hiking Vacation?

Montana and Wyoming offer adventurous visitors the chance to explore diverse, spectacular mountain ranges, national parks, and wilderness areas. Yellowstone National Park is world famous for its wildlife, geothermal features, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and vast meadow systems. It is a stunning destination for a guided backpacking trip or hiking tour and one we heartily recommend! The Wind River Range, Jackson Hole Area, and the west side of the Tetons are characterized by towering mountain peaks, phenomenal views, wildlife, waterfalls, and more spectacular mountain scenery. Exploring any of our Montana or Wyoming destinations is an experience you won't soon forget!

Which Type of Trip Should I Do?

One way to categorize our Montana and Wyoming hiking tours is first and foremost by backcountry or frontcountry. Backcountry trips include backpacking trips and llama treks and are deep wilderness excursions with camping accommodations. We offer these trip styles at all of our Montana and Wyoming destinations. Frontcountry trips are inn-based and basecamp tours on which we combine adventurous day hikes with camping or inn/hotel/lodge accommodations, access to showers, wonderful cuisine, and expert natural and cultural history interpretation. We recommend first deciding whether you want a backcountry or frontcountry experience, and then determining with category (backpacking or llama trek, basecamp or inn-based tour...etc.) you'd like from there. All of our Northern Rockies trips are in amazing country, with spectacular scenery, hiking and wildlife, so it's hard to go wrong!

Which Area Should I Hike?

When deciding which Montana and Wyoming hiking destination you'd like to explore, we recommend first asking what time of year you'd like to go. Yellowstone is great from June through October. The Jackson Hole Areaa and the Tetons are fantastic from July through September. The Wind River Range treks are great from August through September. Additionally, if you are mostly interested in a national park hiking tour, then Yellowstone is the best choice. If you want a remote mountain hiking trip, any of these destinations are great, although stick with backpacking and llama treks. For shorter trips (3-4 days) and moderate hikes, Yellowstone again is the best option. For longer trips (5-7 days), all of our Montana and Wyoming destinations are perfect. For more questions about what trip to do, feel free to call us at 800-715-HIKE (4453)!