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Our Global Adventures are opportunities to experience the best of the world's national parks and wild lands on foot via a variety of trip styles including portered camping treks in Peru, Ecuador and Tanzania; mountain hut trips in Iceland, European Alps and Patagonia; teahouse treks in Nepal; and lodge-based trips in Iceland, European Alps and Ecuador. We have the extraordinary privilege of operating trips in some of the world's most premier outdoor destinations: the ancient Incan Trails of Peru, Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Galapagos and Laguna Quilotoa in Ecuador, the Himalayas in Nepal, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the best of the Europena Alps, and Fjallabak Nature Reserve in Iceland!

These trips are officially run by Wildland International (WI). The founders of Wildland Trekking teamed up with veteran international guide Seth Quigg to form Wildland International. Seth brings his passion and experience as an award-winning international guide and outdoor instructor to the table to make these trips truly fantastic.

Wildland International's mission statement is:

To provide exceptional trekking adventures to the World’s most beautiful, wild and culturally-rich destinations, and to contribute significantly to the well-being of these areas and the people who inhabit them.

We take this mission seriously. We use our international trips, and the revenue from those trips, to contribute to the conservation and well-being of the areas and cultures we visit. We’re proud to be part of an organization forged on win-win relationships where, literally, everyone involved is enriched in some way. Whether it’s a guest or guide out on the trail, a porter or camp chef, a local hotel owner, an employee of one of the parks where we operate, or one of our non-profit partners, our goal is that everyone involved is positively impacted by Wildland International.

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Experience Iceland's unbelievable combination of volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and rainbow colored landscapes!

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