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Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park encompasses an incredibly beautiful and diverse region with rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, vibrant rainforests, hot springs, waterfalls, alpine peaks, glaciers and wildlife. We offer several ways to enjoy Olympic on foot, including Olympic backpacking trips, inn-based Olympic hiking tours, Olympic day hikes, and Olympic basecamp tours.

Join us in Olympic National Park and discover for yourself the magic of the Pacific Northwest. All of our Olympic hiking tours are all-inclusive, expert-led, and feature top-of-the-line gear and fantastic meals. Of course we're biased, but we believe there's no better way to for avid travelers and hikers to explore Olympic than on a Wildland Trekking trip!

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Olymipc Backpacking Trips
8 Adventures
Our guided backpacking tours take you into the heart of world-renowned wilderness destinations. Enjoy solitude and adventure as you embark on a self-sufficient journey deep into Olympic!
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Inn-based Olympic Hiking Tours
2 Adventures
On our inn-based hiking tours you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything. Your only "job" is absorbing and enjoying all Olympic National Park has to offer!
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Camping-based Olympic Hiking Tours
2 Adventures
A Basecamp Hiking Tour is a great way to have an adventurous outdoor experience of the Pacific Northwest while hiking with only a light daypack and sleeping soundly in comfortable, established campgrounds.
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Camping-based Olympic Hiking Tours
2 Adventures
Make the most of your visit to Olympic National Park on a guided one day hiking adventure! Join one of our expert guides on an educational, intensely scenic, full day hike in this amazing national park.
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North Cascades Backpacking Trips
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North Cascades National Park is one of America's most stunning mountain destinations. We offer several memorable backpacking trip options in this stunning and adventurous national park.
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Mount Rainier Hiking Tours
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We offer inn-based hiking tours and basecamp hiking tours to Mount Rainier National Park, the Pacific Northwest's highest and most impressive volcano! Come explore the crown jewel of the Cascades with us!
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Why Hike Olympic with Us?

1. Amazing Wilderness Guides
Widland Trekking Online Reviews

The guide makes the trip, as they say, which is very true. The quality of your guide on trips like Wildland Trekking offers is the most important factor in ensuring a fantastic experience. We have two types of guides that work in our Olympic National Park program - dedicated Pacific Northwest guides and guides who work in the summer in Olympic, Rainier and the North Cascades and the rest of the year guide trips in Grand Canyon, Utah...etc. All Wildland guides are thoroughly vetted, trained and oriented to the unique nature of Olympic's rainforests, alpine zones and coastal hikes. They are also trained naturalists and are excellent with natural and cultural intepretation. If you'd like to read about past guests' experiences, check out our online reviews page!

2. Worry-free, All-inclusive Trips
Wildland Hiking Guide in Olympic

Next to your guide, the next most important factor in having a fantastic experience is the thoroughness and seamlessness of the logistics. For this reason we provide everything - meals, gear, transportation, accommodations, permits, reservations and fees, first-aid equipment, emergency communication devices and more - in one easy, all-inclusive tour. What this means for you is you don't have to travel with gear, worry about the pesky details, plan any menus, think about risk management...etc. Many companies charge extra fees for many of these things, or can't provide them at all. At Wildland Trekking, we've got you covered!

3. Many Trips and Trip Styles to Choose From
Creek Crossing

There's more than one way to hike and enjoy Olympic National Park, and not every experience fits every guest. Options range from comfy inn-based tours to comfortable camping tours to moderate backpacking trips to strenuous backpacking trips. We also offer day hike tours. You probably have a sense of what you're looking for, and we recommend following that instinct. If you feel drawn toward a harder, backcountry trip then go for it. If you feel like an inn-based tour is more up your alley, then trust that. Bottom line is that Olympic is a stunningly beautiful national park and regardless of the trip or trip style you choose, you're most likely going to have a tremendous experience.

4. Wonderful Meals and Accommodations
Bowl of camping food

Meals and accommodations are important. On a backpacking trip, meals are as much a safety factor as enjoyment factor. Not only does good, tasty, nutritious food fuel our ability to move through the mountains, but it's a morale booster. If it's been a rainy day, for example, and a group is tired, a steaming bowl of savory goodness can perk people right up. And accommodations, not only great lodging, but also comfortable camping, dry tents, warm sleeping bags, comfy sleeping pads...etc. are critical for the enjoyment and safety of any multi-day trekking experience. We take these factors very seriously and make sure our guests are getting the very best possible.

5. Experienced, Proven Hiking Company
Proven Hiking Company

Wildland Trekking has been operating guided hiking and backpacking tours since 2005 in premier wilderness and national park destinations across the USA and the world. The owners alone have more than 50 years of combined experience in adventure travel. With 150+ guides, 10000+ annual guests, #1 spots on 5 different national park Trip Advisor pages, and media mentions in nearly every major adventure and travel publication out there, you can trust that hiking with Wildland is a great choice!

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"We have never taken a guided tour like this before and we were VERY pleasantly surprised. We are now looking for our next adventure with Wildlandtrekking!" - Carol R.

"Once again it was an excellent trek with Wildlands. Guy was a fantastic guide, extremely knowledgeable about the wildlife and plants in the region. The food on the backpacking trip was superb and it was really nice that he had taken the time to make up his own spice mixes for the various meals." - David S.

"This was a very fun and enjoyable trip. Guy was great! thanks!" - Michelle G.

More About Olympic Hiking Trips

Is Olympic National Park Right for Me?

Olympic National Park is a dramatically diverse national park with remote coastal hiking, alpine terrain, glaciers, rain forests, and more. While it's consistently rainy and cold in the winter, the Pacific Northwest often has wonderful hiking weather in the summer - clear relatively often with long days of sunshine for packing in plenty of adventure. The Park offers visitors an opportunity to experience the highlights of the Pacific Northwest all in one national park. If exploring the Pacific Northwest's amazing wilderness sounds appealing to you, an Olympic hiking tour is a great choice.

Which Trip Style to Select?

We offer Olympic backpacking trips, inn-based Olympic hiking tours, and two basecamp tours to choose from. Backpacking trips are best if you're looking to get away from the roads and crowds and want to explore Olympic's deep backcountry. Inn-based tours are best for folks looking to have a diverse experience of Olympic and enjoy hand-picked hikes in all areas of the Park. Day hikes are a great option for those with limited time to explore or those who just want to get a taste of what the Olympics has to offer. The basecamp tours are perfect for guests looking to have a fun, comfortable outdoor experience with a diversity of hikes either entirely in Olympic National Park or a combination tour which also includes Mount Rainier.

What is Included?

Our Olympic National Park hiking trips are all-inclusive, which means you can show up and hike without having to worry about gear, meals, permits, reservations, transportation..etc. We provide backpacks, trekking poles, camping gear (on the backpacking and basecamp tours), accommodations (on the inn-based tours), permits, meals for the duration of the tour, local transportation, and more. Many companies charge more for some or most of these things, but with Wildland it's all part of the hiking tour package!

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