North Cascades National Park

Our North Cascades National Park hiking tours include backpacking trips. See trip style descriptions and tour offerings below!

North Cascades National Park Backpacking Tours

North Cascades National Park is a stunning Pacific Northwest hiking and backpacking destination in northern Washington State. The North Cascades comprise a vast wilderness of pine-, spruce-, and fir-laden mountains, creeping glaciers and pristine lakes. The Park provides exceptional habitat for a variety of wildlife, including grizzly bears, wolverines, gray wolves, and more than 200 bird species! There's no better way to explore these world-class mountains than on a backpacking trip. Our trips are all-inclusive and led by award-winning Pacific Northwest backpacking guides.

Trip Duration Difficulty (1-5)
Thunder Creek - Ruby Mountain 3 days Level 3
Cascade Pass - Sahale Glacier 4 days Level 4
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