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National Park Trips, experts in national park travel and Wildland Trekking, leaders in creating unforgettable hiking vacations, have partnered to offer you three, bucket-list trips to our beloved national parks and wilderness areas in 2020.

Join us to explore the best of Bryce and Zion’s breathtaking trails, Yellowstone's unique landscape and features and a women-exclusive adventure to Grand Canyon National Park and nearby Sedona, a place of extraordinary beauty and spiritual allure. Hike and see the best in each park throughout the day and return to comfortable lodging and dining each evening.

3-day Inn-based Hiking Tour

Best of Yellowstone Tour

Aug 24-28, 2020
Waterfalls • Geysers & Hotsprings • Wildlife
Inn-based Hiking Tour

5 days
Trip Details & Dates
Grand Canyon and Sedona Tour

Womens Grand Canyon-Sedona

Sept 29-Oct 2, 2020
Classic Views • 2 Destinations • Natural Wonders
Inn-based Hiking Tour

4 days
Trip Details & Dates
Zion and Bryce Inn-based Hiking Tour

Zion and Bryce Inn-based Tour

Oct 11-14, 2020
Geologic Wonders • Classic Views • Famous Parks
Inn-based Hiking Tour
Zion & Bryce

4 days
Trip Details & Dates