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Mount Rainier Inn-based Tours

An inn-based hiking tour in Mount Rainier National Park is an opportunity to experience the incredible scenery and awe-inspiring grandeur this park has to offer. You'll get absolutely fantastic hiking in on one of the United States' most impressive mountains, and enjoy a high level of comfort with accommodations and meals at a local historic lodge. These trips take you high onto the flanks of Mount Rainier, into the alpine zone, for big views, wildflowers and stunning beauty. We will experience amazing wildflowers, stunning alpine lakes, mesmerizing views of the Mount Rainier summit, glaciers, waterfalls and wildlife.

We offer two inn-based tours of Mount Rainier National Park. We have a 3-day tour that focuses entirely on Rainier's amazing alpine ecosystems, and we have a 5-day tour that combines hikes in Mount Rainier and Olympic National Parks for a wonderful, encompassing experience of the Pacific Northwest.

Our inn-based tours combine lodging, transportation, meals, guided hikes, entrance fees, natural and cultural history interpretation, and more into all-inclusive vacation packages. Come join us this summer for a trip you'll never forget! Call us at 1-800-715-HIKE (4453) or email us to learn more.

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Mount Rainier Inn-based Tour

Mount Rainier Inn-based Tour

Glaciers • Wildlife • Waterfalls
Inn-based Hiking Tour

3 days
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Olympic and Rainier Hiking Tour
Guides Choice Award

Olympic and Rainier Tour

Coastal Hiking • Alpine Hiking • Waterfalls
Inn-based Hiking Tour

6 days
Trip Details & Dates