Tour Calendar - June

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2019 June Trip Dates

Grand Canyon Backpacking Trips

Grand Canyon National Park has not yet issued backpacking permits for this month. It's extremely beneficial to register before the permit process, as it vastly increases your chances of joining a trip (85% of our guests do). And you'll receive a 5% early registration discount! Your trip is not guaranteed until the permit is secured. We have a good success rate and your deposit is fully transferrable or refundable if we're unsuccessful. Click here to read more about Grand Canyon's permit process, or get started by selecting a trip and hitting "Go!" below.


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European Alps

French Alps
6/2-9 Vercors Crossing 8 days $3528 › Join this Hike
6/25-7/2 Italian Dolomites 8 days $3986 › Join this Hike
Montana & Wyoming


North Carolina



Cordillera Treks
6/1-8 Cordillera Blanca Trek 8 days $3100 › Join this Hike
6/18-27 Cordillera Huayhuash Trek 10 days $3300 › Join this Hike

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
6/8-17 Kilimanjaro Trek 10 days $4200 › Join this Hike
6/17-22 Add-on Wildlife Safari 6 days $3100/$3400  Add-on Tour


Washington State