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Havasu Falls Hiking Tours

Join us for one of the best hikes in the world on a guided Havasu Falls tour into the spectacular oasis of Havasu Canyon! Featured in hundreds of articles and TV shows around the world, the Havasupai Waterfalls (aka "Havasu Falls") are famous for their five dramatic plunges (the tallest nearly 200 feet high!) and breathtaking turquoise waters. Havasu Creek bubbles up from a spring and flows down canyon, at a constant 70 degrees year round, creating idyllic pools swirling beneath desert cottonwoods. Our Havasu Falls tours are all-inclusive journeys into this unique and dramatic landscape where guests are treated to swimming, relaxing, photography, adventure and exploration.

We offer 5 different multi-day guided Havasupai hiking tours. Our standard Havasu Falls Tours (3 and 4 day versions) are award-winning, all-inclusive hiking and camping tours that give guests a thorough experience of Havasupai. In addition, we offer a backpacking option (3 or 4 days), where guests carry their own gear (25-35 pounds). We also have our special Spring Break Tour for Families in March and April.

Finally, if you'd like a more complete Grand Canyon experience, our Havasupai Premier Tour is a four day hiking package that combines a 3 Day Havasupai Tour with a night of lodging near the South Rim of Grand Canyon National park, dinner on the rim, and a fourth day of hiking on the one must-do trail in Grand Canyon National Park.

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Havasu Falls Backpacking Tour
Havasu Backpacking Tour
Famous Waterfalls • Swimming • Wildlife
Style: Backpacking
Duration: 3 or 4 days
Tour Price: $810/$940
+ Tribal Fees: $420/$475
Trip Details & Dates
3 Day Havasu Falls Tour
3-day Havasu Falls Tour
Famous Waterfalls • Wildlife • Moderate Hiking
Style: Hiking/Camping
Duration: 3 days
Tour Price: $1015
+ Tribal Fees: $420
Trip Details & Dates
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