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Guided Phantom Ranch Tours

Phantom Ranch Tours feature accommodations at a historic lodge at the bottom of the Grand Canyon - in fact the only hotel in Grand Canyon National Park that is actually inside the Canyon. It sits approximately 1/4 mile from the shores of the might Colorado River and is only accessible by hiking, rafting and horseback. Phantom Ranch provides comfortable accommodations year round, with refreshing air conditioned cabins in the summer and cozy heated cabins in the winter. It also boasts hot water, showers, electricity and wonderful lodge meals.

Our guided tours to Phantom Ranch are opportunities to hike the Grand Canyon with a professional guide and do it with maximum comfort. Whether you're hiking Rim to Rim across the Canyon or enjoying our iconic loop hike on the South Kaibab and Bright Angel trails, a Phantom Ranch Tour is an experience you'll never forget.

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Phantom Ranch Hiking Tour

Phantom Ranch Tour

Famous Trails • Classic Views • Colorado River
Inn-based Hiking Tour

2-3 days
Trip Details & Dates
Phantom Ranch Rim to Rim Hiking Tour

Phantom Ranch Rim to Rim

Cross the Canyon • Waterfall • Layover Day
Lodge-based Trek

3 days
May 15-Nov 15
Trip Details & Dates
Phantom Ranch Hiking Tour

Winter Phantom Ranch Tour

Canyon Solitude • Moderate Temps • Colorado River
Inn-based Hiking Tour

2-3 days
Trip Details & Dates

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More About Guided Phantom Ranch Tours

Phantom Ranch Accommodations & Meals

Our tours stay in the Phantom Ranch dorms, which are gender-specific cabins with 10 bunks per dorm. The cabins have comfortable beds, running water, hot water, elecricity, access to showers, air conditioning and heating. It is a fully operational hotel with laundry and housekeeping services that provide us with fresh sheets and towels for our stay.

Our dinners and breakfasts will be at the Canteen, which is the dining area at Phantom Ranch. For dinner we will enjoy steak, beef stew or veggie dinners, served family style with a variety of side dishes. And breakfasts have scrambled eggs, potatoes, sauasage and/or bacon, toast or pancakes, juice/coffee/tea...etc. Your guide will prepare picnic lunches on the trail.

Finally, you can visit the Canteen during the day or before dinner is served to purchase cold drinks, beer, wine and snacks.

History of Phantom Ranch

Built in 1922, Phantom Ranch is a cozy oasis at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, just several hundred yards from the shores of the Colorado River. It is nestled in a side canyon, surrounded by towering cottonwood trees, and just feet from the cool, clear waters of Bright Angel Creek.

It was designed by one of America's first woman architects, Mary Jane Colter, who was also chief architect for the early Grand Canyon concessionaire company, the Fred Harvey Company as well as the famous Santa Fe Railroad. She was awarded the project to design a unique cluster of stone cabins at the bottom of the Canyon near the mouth of Bright Angel Creek. It was her decision to title it "Phantom Ranch." Construction was finished and the doors officially opened in 1922.

The cabins and main, common building were built with wood and locally sourced stones (many water polished rocks from Bright Angel Creek and the Colorado River), and blended in with the natural environment. Mary Colter’s design for Phantom Ranch was inspired by the Grand Canyon's scenery, history, and cultural traditions.

When to Go?

Phantom Ranch is truly great year round, but does offer dramatically different experiences depending on the season. Spring (March-May) is a lovely time to join one of these tours and offers moderate temperatures with more winter-like conditions early season and more summer-like conditions in late season. Summer brings extreme heat (110+ degrees fahrenheit in the shade) and flash flooding, but early morning starts, frequent dips in cool creeks, and Phantom Ranch's air conditioning combine to make summer a very feasible time to do these trips. Autumn is much like spring except with the lingering possibility of flash flooding and high summer temperatures in September; by October/November however, the temperatures are very moderate and comfortable. Winter is, in our view, the best time to hike to Phantom Ranch for two big reasons: first, we get to hike the Canyon's most iconic trails with amazing solitude; and second, the hiking temperatures are nearly perfect inside the Canyon most of the time.

Grand Canyon Visitor Information

Grand Canyon Visitor Information

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