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Rocky Mountain National Park Trips

Rocky Mountain National Park is in many ways the heart of Colorado's stunning rocky mountains. Home to towering Longs Peak (14,259'), which stands guard over the rest of the Park, Rocky Mountain is a Colorado hiking and backpacking paradise. With waterfalls, abundant wildlife, pristine rivers and creeks, crystal clear lakes, tree-studded ridges, and soaring alpine peaks, there's abundant world-class scenery to hold our attention.

Our Rock Mountain National Park hiking tours include Colorado backpacking trips, porter and llama supported treks, a basecamp Rocky Mountain hiking tour, inn-based Colorado hiking tours, and Rocky Mountain National Park day hikes. All trips are all-inclusive and led by our award-winning hiking and backpacking guides. All trips are all-inclusive and led by our award-winning hiking and backpacking guides. To learn more or to plan Rocky Mountain hiking tours right now, call us at 1-800-715-HIKE between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. today!

Wildland Trekking is authorized by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, to conduct services in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Rocky Mountain National Park Backpacking Trips
6 Adventures
Our guided backpacking tours take you into the heart of world-renowned wilderness destinations. Enjoy solitude and adventure as you embark on a self-sufficient journey deep into the Rockies!
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Rocky Mountain National Park Portered Trips
6 Adventures
On our Porter and Llama Treks your gear is carried by human porters or llamas, allowing you to hike with only a light day pack while exploring deep into the backcountry for multiple days.
See Porter/Llama Treks
Camping-based Colorado Hiking Tours
1 Adventure
A Basecamp Hiking Tour is a great way to have an adventurous outdoor experience of the Rockies while hiking with only a light daypack and sleeping soundly in comfortable, vehicle-accessible camps.
See Basecamp Tour
Inn-based Rocky Mountain Hiking Tours
2 Adventures
On our inn-based hiking tours you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything. Your only "job" is absorbing and enjoying all Rocky Mountain National Park has to offer!
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Rocky Mountain Snowshoe Tours
2 Adventures
Winter in Rocky Mountain National Park is a stunningly serene time of year to visit, hike, explore, and enjoy the Park. We offer snowshoe tours that take full advantage of this peaceful, rejuvenating season.
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Rocky Mountain Day Hiking Tours
6 Adventures
Maximize your time at Rocky Mountain N.P. by embarking on a day hike tour with one of our expert guides! Enjoy the assurance that comes with hiking with a guide who knows the area!
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Why Hike Rocky Mountain National Park with Us?

1. Top Hiking Company in Rocky Mountain National Park
Colorado hiking tours Online Reviews

We have earned the top hiking and backpacking company spot in Rocky Mountain National Park on Trip Advisor by providing high quality trips with fantastic guides, wonderful food, top-of-the-line gear, solid risk management and a love for Colorado's Rocky Mountains! Our Colorado guides are passionate about sharing their love of the Rockies with their guests and it shows in our online reviews and post-trip evaluations, 98% of which are "Excellent."

2. Variety of Ways to Hike Colorado
Wildland Hiking Guides

We offer many different ways to hike and explore the great state of Colorado, and especially Rocky Mountain National Park! We offer guided backpacking trips for guests looking to challenge themselves on exciting, backcountry adventures that go deep into the mountains. We offer portered and llama-supported treks for folks looking to enjoy the backcountry, sleeping under the stars AND hike with lighter backpacks than on a backpacking trip. Our basecamp tour and inn-based tours are opportunities for people to discover, explore and enjoy Rocky Mountain on amazing day hikes with the comfort of wonderful lodging or camping accommodations at night. And finally, if your time is limited, our day hike tours offer long, fantastic hikes into the Park that take you to remote peaks, alpine lakes, glaciers, mountain cirques and more!

3. Exceptional Trekking Guides
Colorado hiking guides

Wildland Trekking guides are some of the very best in the outdoor adventure industry. We know this to be true because we listen to our guests' feedback and contrast it with average statistics for adventure travel companies. Wildland Trekking holds #1 spots on 6 different national park Trip Advisor pages in the United States (read more...). As mentioned above, our post-trip evaluations are 98% "Excellent," which is several points above the industry average of 94% "Excellent." And, as you can see, our industry is doing well to begin with! Wildland guides are selected not only because they love hiking and backpacking, but because they are equally passionate about sharing that love with others. And it shows.

4. Amazing Backcountry Cuisine
Camping meal - bowl of noodles

Food is a critical component of a premier Rocky Mountain hiking tour or Colorado backpacking trip. Not only are tasty meals important for enjoyment, they're also an imperative piece of risk management. A hot, healthy, delicious meal fuels the body, mind and soul - it can boost morale in unmeasureable ways on a multi-day adventure. Our hiking trips are 3-5 days in length, and that can be a long time to be out in the wilderness, even on an inn-based or basecamp tour when you're day hiking. Stopping to dine on gourmet meals is nourishing and revitalizing. And it's part of what makes a Wildland trip a Wildland trip.

5. All-inclusive Tours
all-inclusive hiking tours

Wildland Trekking trips are all-inclusive, which means we are worrying about the pesky details of executing a Colorado hiking vacation so you don't have to! Transportation (on multi-day tours), food, gear, other supplies, permits, first-aid, emergency communication, bear safety, reservations and more - we handle nearly everything. Many companies do not provide all of these things or charge more for them to be provided. When you hike with Wildland, we've got you covered!

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"Longs Peak was one of the most challenging trips our family has taken but every step was well worth it. Joy was an excellent guide who was knowledgeable of the area and made the trip so much fun. I would absolutely recommend a backpacking trip with wildland trekking as im sure the other guides and trails are just as awesome as Longs Peak." - Lindsey C.

"Wonderful experience with enough physical challenge to make it a true hiking adventure. I came back feeling invigorated and excited trying to stay more connected to Nature. Thanks so much!" - Mary I.

"Our guide, Jason Bull, was fantastic. He went above and beyond with his meals, trail and wildlife information, and overall care to ensure we had the most enjoyable trip possible. For me, this was the trip of a lifetime and Jason was huge factor in that. He helped reintroduce me to my love of nature and spurred my desire for future trips. Thanks again!" - Matt E.

More Information About Rocky Mountain Trips

Choosing the Right Rocky Mountain Hike

Our Rocky Mountain National Park hikes include:

  • Colorado Backpacking Trips – Our backpacking tours give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the most majestic features of the Colorado Rockies. Whether you’re a veteran hiker or just starting out, we have incredible backpacking trails that will fit you, from our basic Thunder Lake hike or the more daunting Mummy Range Trek and many in between. You can enjoy all kinds of natural wonders, from mountain lakes to glaciers to forests to flowering meadows.
  • Basecamp Rocky Mountain Hiking Tours – If you’re looking for a fantastic mountain hiking adventure without an overly long trek and a lot of heavy gear, you’ll love our Basecamp Rocky Mountain Hiking Tours. Carrying only a light backpack, you’ll get to see unbelievable mountain views, Colorado animal habitats like those of elk, deer and even bears, with evenings at a quiet, private campground with showers and delicious meals. It’s the perfect, relaxing, low-key tour of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Inn-Based Colorado Hiking Tours – Looking to combine a hiking adventure with a charming inn vacation? Try out of our Inn-Based Colorado Hiking Tours. By day, enjoy the full Rocky Mountain experience with adventures like wildlife exploration, visiting waterfalls, alpine hiking and snowshoeing, and by night enjoy the comfort of a delightful lodge in Estes Park. It’s the type of adventure vacation the whole family will love.
  • Porter and Llama Treks – You enjoy the full Rocky Mountain National Park hiking tour experience, and we handle all the gear. Carry just a light day pack as you follow our expert guides through the backcountry, while our courteous and professional porters or friendly trail llamas carry our supplies. Great guides, professional porters, friendly llamas high-quality gear and all meals are provided, so you can focus on enjoying your hike.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park Day Hikes – Day hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park hiking are among our most popular adventures. You'll enjoy a full day of great Rocky Mountain National Park hiking. Some people don’t always have a free week to explore the Rocky Mountains, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some of the best the Rocky Mountains have to offer. We make it happen with these one-day guided tours right into the heart of the Continental Divide. You won’t believe how much exploring we can pack into one day. You’ll see waterfalls, wildlife, wildflowers, alpine meadows and more, all under the watchful eye and guidance of our professional trip guide.
  • Snowshoe Tours – If you haven’t hiked the Rocky Mountains in winter, you haven’t hiked the Rocky Mountains. Our snowshoe tours give you the opportunity to experience the snow-capped winter Rocky Mountains up close in all their glory. You’ll enjoy four days of amazing snowshoeing past animal winter habitats, alpine lakes and some of the most breathtaking views anywhere. If four days is more time than you have, ask about our one-day Emerald Lake snowshoe tour.

When to Hike Colorado

The Colorado Rockies offer phenomenal year-round outdoor adventure. However, from a strictly hiker perspective, the best times of year are summer and fall. Summer is the peak season. Mosquitoes in Colorado do not tend to be very bad, which opens up the entire summer to trekking opportunities, unlike the northern mountains Wyoming and Montana, where the mosquitoes make backpacking in July hit and miss in terms of comfort and difficulty. Colorado also thaws out more quickly than its northern siblings and so the "summer" begins earlier. Great hikes can be had beginning in June and the wonderful summer temperatures last through August. In September, fall begins to creep in, and with it a truly magical transformation in Colorado. With massive elk herds, the bulls of which bugle in the fall as part of their mating rituals, and vast Aspen stands that turn deep yellow, orange and red, fall is truly a spectacular time of year to hike the Rockies. By early to mid November the mountains are becoming less hospitable, but for the hardier backcountry travelers, this time of year is still prime time. By mid November winter is normally setting in and the backcountry becomes a home for winter recreational enthusiasts, sleeping bears, and hardy mountain creatures.

Preparing for Your Colorado Trip

First, be sure you're physically prepared for the trip you've signed up for. That means hitting the gym or exercising outdoors several days per week in the months leading up to your vacation. We heartily recommend the Stairmaster as a fantastic training tool for hikers. Additionally, you'll want to be acclimatized for the higher elevations of the mountains. Plan on arriving a couple days early and spending some time in Denver or Estes Park so your body can produce additional red blood cells that are required at higher elevations. Finally, hydrate hydrate hydrate! Especially at altitude you can easily become dehydrated, but also because Colorado is a dry climate. If you're coming from a most climate, your body may become rapidly dehydrated if you're not drinking plenty of liquids. Finally, mix some electrolyte mix in with your water to avoid hyponatremia, which happens when you exercise and drink lots of water without salt and other minerals your body needs.

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