Never Summer Trips
Please Note: These trips are not being offered in 2018 due to permit restrictions. We will begin operating these trips again in 2019. We heartily recommend looking at a Rocky Mountain Backpacking trip or Flat Tops Backpacking trip as outstanding alternatives to the Never Summers.

The Never Summer mountains stand just west of Rocky Mountain National Park, where winter storms moving east confront these peaks and release deep snows that melt in the spring to feed pristine mountain creeks and lush grasses and flowers of vast alpine meadows. These are young mountains by comparison with most in the Rockies, volcanic peaks thrust skyward and then carved into jagged terraces of rock by the alpine glaciers that followed. This is also remote country, less-traveled, which contrasts it with the nearby very popular Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Never Summers sustains old growth forest - stands of Spruce-Fir, some 600 years old and over four feet in diameter grace the trails that lead to the high peaks. Rare plants - and animals - share this landscape, which has much in common with Canadian north country. Moose are here in abundance, native Cutthroat trout, Brooks, Browns, Rainbow…. and once again the Wolverine calls the Never Summer range home.

On these trips we enter some 21,000 acres of wilderness, and hike a landscape where seventeen summits rise above 12,000 feet. We’ll trek along alpine streams, camp near alpine lakes, make summit ascents, and experience solitude and star-lit skies.

Come join us in this special place! Whether you’re backpacking with us or on a carefully chosen day hike, our professional guides help create a truly exceptional experience in this mountain wilderness.

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Bowlen-Baker Colorado Backpacking Loop
Never Summers Backpack
Alpine Hiking • Classic Views • Wildlife
Style: Backpacking
Difficulty: Level 3 or 4
Duration: 3, 4 or 5 days
Per Person: $890/$1140/$1335
Trip Details & Dates
Portered Never Summers
Portered Never Summers
Day Packs • Classic Views • Alpine Lakes
Style: Portered Hiking
Difficulty: Level 3
Duration: 3 or 4 days
Per Person: $1110-$1295
Trip Details & Dates
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