Salkantay Inn to Inn

Lodges on the Salkantay Inn to Inn Trek

The lodges on our Inn to Inn Treks in Peru are well worth a post, because they are truly amazing and make these trips (the Salkantay Inn to Inn Trek and Lares Inn to Inn Trek) one-of-a-kind!

These lodges, coupled with Wildland International’s expert guides and top-notch service, offer a wonderfully unique and rewarding way to hike to Machu Picchu. Combining cultural experiences, luxurious inn to inn trekking, and rugged high mountain exploration, these trips challenge you during the day and indulge you at night with 4-star accommodations, wonderful meals, and deserved relaxation.

Run by Peruvians who are passionate about the Andes Mountains and cultures that inhabit them, for more than a decade, the lodges have incorporated a strong cultural immersion component for guests along with phenomenal backcountry lodging. The people who run the lodges are committed to including the local indigenous people in the experience provided for guests. Local villagers work at the lodges to teach and expose visitors to their customs and simultaneously learn the skills to be hospitality and tourism professionals. With this mixing of cultures, the lodges provide exceptional service and give 110% to make sure the experiences people have are excellent.

It’s worth noting that the meals at the lodges are truly out of this world, and feature iconic local dishes expertly and uniquely prepared. If you join one of these trips, prepare to be blown away by the combination of Wildland Trekking expertise and the wonderful and unique experiences provided by the lodges.

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