North Rim = Secluded Serenity

6 million visitors can’t be wrong.

A mile deep. 277 miles long. 18 miles across. The Grand Canyon should be first on your hiking vacation bucket list. And given over 47 million visitors in just the past ten years,¹ it probably is.

Add a little serenity to your scenery.

Last year, the North Rim saw just 11% of the Grand Canyon’s 6 million visitors.²

See farther.

north-rim-sunset-shutterstockNorth Rim views are 1,000 feet higher.

Seek more.

braque-lee-east-zion-buffalo-vibrantZion and Bryce are just around the corner.
Zion Mountain Ranch — the working buffalo ranch where we stay on our 6-Day Zion, Bryce and Gand Canyon Tour

Savor the Season.

Secluded location + high elevation = short seasons.
e.g. The North Rim Lodge is only open May 15 through October 15.


See it for yourself.


Wonders of the Grand Canyon
Backpacking Tour. 6 days. May, September and October.

Kanab Creek Adventure
Backpacking Tour. 7 days. May and October.

Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon
Lodge Tour. 6 days. End of May through September.

Wildland Trekking offers incredible hiking vacations throughout the Colorado Plateau.

¹ Visitation Statistics by Year

² Traffic Counts by Location

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North Rim = Secluded Serenity
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North Rim = Secluded Serenity
A mile deep. 277 miles long. 18 miles across. The Grand Canyon should be first on your hiking vacation bucket list.
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Wildland Trekking
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