Fontana Lake Paddle and Hike Trip Report

We ran our first Fontana Lake Paddle and Hike Trip in the Great Smoky Mountains last week, and it was a huge hit. We’re very, very excited about running more of these trips.

We have added some photos of the trip below.  It was a smooth, super enjoyable trip.  The trip is pretty physically demanding, as  the first day is a longer paddle if we go back to Hazel Creek and hike around the historic ghost town of Proctor, North Carolina (which we’re including on the standard itinerary).  The sunset paddle that night was epic with a sunset rainbow and glassy, tranquil water.  The second day paddle/hike combo was sweet, and the last mile of the climb up to Shuckstack Fire Tower is pretty steep, a challenging end that forces us to earn our views.  The clients said that the view from the tower was the highlight of the trip for them and well worth the hike.  This trip is really sweet, and we can’t wait to run more of them.

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