Big Views, Big Days: Grand Canyon National Park

Ready to visit one of our most iconic national parks? The enormity of the Grand Canyon is enjoyed by millions each year. From the North and South Rim overlooks, people ooh and aah at the cavernous trench, and standing among this congregation of on-lookers you too will be taken in by the impossibility of what lies before you. Your vacation time is precious. Where should your boots take you?

Want the perfect Instagram picture from the popular South rim? Ready to explore the more secluded North Rim? With approximately 1.2 million acres of backcountry, it is easy to feel overwhelmed planning a trip to the Grand Canyon.  Get started with our Guides’ Choice trails below.

South Kaibab

The South Kaibab descends the spine of spectacular Cedar Ridge and allows for BIG Grand Canyon views as the ridge drops off on both sides and in front of you. It is the trail to do if you’re looking for some of the best panoramas in the Grand Canyon. These panoramas and the moderate nature of the hiking make the South Kaibab Trail one of the most photographed trails in the country.

Grandview Trail

The well-named Grandview Trail takes us down a series of exciting switchbacks with seemingly endless views of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. The trail was built by one of Grand Canyon’s most famous miners, Pete Berry, in the late 1800’s to extract some of the richest copper ore in the world. Eventually when his mine failed, he turned to tourism for a living, taking guests down his amazing, hand-cobbled trail. We’ll descend down through geologic and cultural history, gazing into the depths of the Canyon and discussing the immense beauty and intrigue of this landscape.

Hermit Trail

Built by the Santa Fe Railroad as a route to Hermit Camp, the Hermit Trail leads us through fossil beds in the limestone and sandstone formations to Waldron Basin. From the high desert valley of Waldron, we will continue hiking along the top of the Red Wall with incredible views into a deep, seemingly bottomless canyon. One of the great highlights of this hike are the 260+ million year old reptile prints, complete with the swish of the creature’s tail, permanently etched into a slab of sandstone next to the trail. Our hike’s turnaround point is Dripping Springs, a desert spring that drips from the ceiling of a sandstone alcove, nourishing the desert with water.

Hike all three trails on the following Wildland treks:

  • South Rim Basecamp (Best for those who like to sleep under the stars but still want a few creature comforts like showers and prefer to carry light daypacks on trail)
  • Best of the South Rim Lodge Based (3 Days. Best for folks who love to hit the trail by day and sink into a comfy bed after a hot shower at night. Our lodge based trips allow for the perfect balance between adventure and comfort)
  • Grand Circuit Lodge Based (5 Days. Loving the idea of a roof over your head at night but want more time with the breathtaking canyon? This is the itinerary for you)

Having a hard time choosing? Don’t forget that our team of Adventure Consultants is always here for you whether you have questions about trip style, destinations, training, or what to expect. We’re sitting by the phone 7 days a week and would love nothing more than to talk trekking with you. Email or call 800-715-4453 (HIKE) for more info!

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Big Views, Big Days: Grand Canyon National Park
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Big Views, Big Days: Grand Canyon National Park
The enormity of the Grand Canyon is enjoyed by millions each year. Schedule your next hiking trip with Wildland Trekking.
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