Wyoming Llama Treks

Join us for a multi-day llama-supported adventure in Wyoming's amazing mountains! Explore Yellowstone National Park, the iconic Wind River Range, off-the-beaten-path mountains around Jackson Hole, or the west side of the Tetons. Our Wyoming llama treks are all-inclusive hiking vacations that take you to some of the most beautiful mountain country in the United States.

Aside from carrying the bulk of the supplies, allowing guests to hike with light day packs, llamas are amazing trail companions. You can choose to lead a llama or just hike on your own, but either way you're likely to fall in love with these amazing animals by the end of your trip. Low impact, strong, friendly, and exotic, llamas are the perfect pack animal. Joining a Wyoming llama hike is something you won't soon forget!

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Yellowstone Llama Treks
Explore Yellowstone National Park on a guided Yellowstone llama trek! See waterfalls, vast meadow systems, wildlife, geothermal features and more.
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Tetons backpacking trips
The west side of the Tetons are another world from the famous national park. With plenty of solitude and amazing views, these trips don't disappoint!
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