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For us quality of experience is only second to safety. We are committed to providing world-class trekking experiences for our guests that go way above and beyond the mass-produced tours so common today. Through a personal touch, passion for hiking, love of wild places and mission to help preserve them, we have earned #1 activity spots on 5 different national park Trip Advisor pages. And we have solid 5-star status on Google, Yelp, and Trust Pilot.

These review sites are all third party with no affiliation to Wildland Trekking, so the reviews can truly be trusted. We've accommodated over 50,000 guests since 2005, and you can hear from over 3,000 of them below!

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"I've been on 3 Wildland trips in the last 18 months (Grand Canyon rim to rim, Yellowstone inn-based 3-day, and Iceland Laugavegur hut to hut trek) and all of them have been amazing, fantastic, wonderful. I'm excited for my next Wildland trip to Utah next month!

I certainly never went hungry! They prepare large, filling, delicious meals (even with my gluten free diet!) and with desserts! They like to treat you with chocolate on the trail (and you also get snacks to put in your backpack).

The itineraries and hikes are well-planned, and very informative. I love learning new things on each of my hikes. From wildlife, to plant-life, to geology, etc., it seems like the guides have answers to everything! Truly a wealth of knowledge!

The trip packets provide you with a packing list, making your trip-planning super easy. And when I went to Iceland, the guides provided me with detailed instructions on how to get from the airport to our hotel. They really do take care of you!

Whether you're going by yourself or someone else, you will have a great time. I've done both (with someone, and by myself) and the others in the group quickly become like family to you.

I've had different guides for each hike, and all my guides were absolutely fantastic! So knowledgeable, and accommodating. And definitely tell them if you feel like you're getting a blister, they will nurse up your feet! The guides are super friendly. Shout out to my guides: Eddie Quinn, Montana Smith, Adrianne Bouchard, Myriam Bishop, and Michael Bishop!

I highly recommend Wildland Trekking!" - Heather A. (trekked with us in Iceland)
"My husband and I just returned from Wildland's Annapurna Base Camp trip. What an adventure! It was the trip of a lifetime. We had gorgeous mountain views and loved the cultural experiences included in the tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and experienced and our Nepali guide and porter were also wonderful. The entire trip was well organized and we really appreciated having the comfort and security of an American guide to help us navigate the customs of another country. This is a trip that anyone who is physically fit and has trained for can do. My husband and I are in our 60's and we did it. So glad we did! I have also traveled with Wildland in the states and we definitely would recommend Wildland for anyone seeking a guided hiking adventure." - Karen K. (trekked with us in Nepal)
"The Patagonia Trekking Tour was an amazing trip for me. It was challenging physically and mentally but the rewards made it special and well worth the effort. To have experienced the backcountry of Patagonia is something I will not forget. Coming up and over Garner Pass and seeing Grey Glacier and lake was an amazing moment. To have hiked on that glacier added to the excitement. Given the difficultly in getting food and supplies to the refugios, they were more than adequate and it was especially nice to have hot showers. I was so pleased with Wildland Trekking in showing us the marvel that is Patagonia. Thanks." - Ken L. (trekked with us in Patagonia)
"The trip experience exceeded my expectations. Seth and everyone assisting with the trip were fantastic right from the pick up and welcoming at the airport through the time I was dropped off to go home. The knowledge, passion and dedication to the group was evident everyday. Loved the stories about the region and how supportive Seth and his team were with every group attendee. This is my 2nd trip with Wildland and it definitely won't be the last." - Steinunn P. (trekked with us in Nepal)
"If you want to take a trip of a life time, plan yours with Wildland Trekking. Everything is TOP notch. Trips include everything, there is nothing hidden or implied that you will incur any additional expenses. Other companies maybe cheaper, but remember "you get what you pay for". You will not have to worry about anything. They have got you covered. It makes for such an enjoyable trip You can just take it all in and not have a care in the world." - Camilia H. (trekked with us in Peru)
"Wow! What an incredible experience. This was much more than just a trip - the thrilling hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro mixed with a truly unique immersion into African culture topped of with a world class game drives all wrapped into one package. My husband and I had the time of our lives - so many goosebump-worthy moments that will live on in stories for the rest of our lives! Thank you Wildland Trekking!" - Robin T. (trekked with us on Kilimanjaro)
"This trip exceeded my expectations. I was especially impressed by the peruvian guide partner. The support and food we got in peru was beyond impressive. I was blown away! Stephen was great! I felt well cared for, safe and absolutely pampered! " - Shannon H. (trekked with us in Peru)
"This is an incredible trip. The hiking is challenging but the views are unbelievable. The terrain is very varied. It's just an amazing way to see the unique landscape of Iceland. I am so glad that I brought some family with me to share in this adventure!" - Margaret C. (trekked with us in Iceland)
"The brother, sister team of the Bishop's was truly heart warming, with their knowledge and expertise! I would have to rate the total experience as top notch!" - Frank H. (trekked with us in Iceland)
"Trip of a lifetime! Iceland is beautiful!" - Bonnie L. (trekked with us in Iceland)
"Mike was really up against a tall order. We wanted to see a lot and we wanted to cover a lot of ground and we wanted to make a trip of a lifetime in Iceland - in literally two days. He also was challenged to be even more fantastic than our other two Wildland Trekking Guides who gave us a fantastic camping trip through the Grand Canyon. Mike nailed it!! He was well organized, had thought of every details and was professional and friendly and knowledgeable and really great with our kids!! He had our kids laughing and learning the entire time and he cooked wonderfully creative and tasty traditional Icelandic meals for us! Our kids said - Mike is so funny! And John was so interesting with stories! They thoroughly loved listening to John talk about the Icelandic Christmas tradition and stories. Mike and John were a perfect pair for our family and no detail was forgotten. It was by far the best trip our family has ever taken and we thoroughly appreciate all the tim e and effort they endured to make it happen for us!!" - Alison E. (trekked with us in Iceland)
"Myriam's knowledge of the area geography, history and terrain was outstanding. Her cooking and backpacking skills were also top notch! She also enhanced our extended stay with excellent tips (Glymur Falls & Stor Hraun).Thank you for a wonderful experience abroad." - Evelyn D. (trekked with us in Iceland)
"Nicole and Camillo, the guides, attended to every want and need the group possibly had." - Brian S. (trekked with us in Ecuador)
"My husband and I had the opportunity to travel with Seth and Wildland International to Ecuador this June. When we told our friends and family, we were traveling to Ecuador, we were asked two questions. One, "Are you going to the Galapagos?" "No." And secondly, "Then why are you going to Ecuador?" We have hiked with Wildland Trekking before in the Grand Canyon so we knew we would be in good hands with this adventure to hike the Quilotoa Loop and the Andes Mountains.

"What we could not have possibly imagined was just how good of hands we would be in. Wildland International went above and beyond any of our expectations. From planning the perfect hikes for each day to giving us wonderful information about the biodiversity/geology/history of the country each day while hiking. At the end of each day, we were surprised with some of the most beautiful inns to stay at each night that almost seemed like a dream. You get to see the natural beauty of the country and then you're rewarded again with amazing evening arrangements that one would not think would exit in these small villages. There was never not a comfy bed or a fabulous meal awaiting you at the end of each day of hiking.

"The company of the guides on our trip extended the warm experience we had of the trip. They truly made us feel welcome and like family. If you are looking for a journey that will stay with you forever, make sure it is with Wildland International! You won't regret it!" - Gavin & Heather J. (trekked with us in Ecuador)
"First rate service from start to finish. Hands down one of the best vacations of my life made possible by Wildland Trekking. I would not have been able to duplicate the trip on my own no matter how much time I spent. I will definitely be using Wildland again in the future." - Jaimison S. (trekked with us in Peru)
"The Wildland Trekking international agent did a marvelous job of coordinating specific customer request with the Peruvian guide to pull together a individualized trip of a lifetime to Machu Picchu and its environs. The tripwas well planned and executed. The accommodations and fare were excellent. The American and Peruvian guides were knowledgeable and a fount of information and local history. They have my full recommendation." - William B. (trekked with us in Peru)
"Wow! What an incredible experience. This was much more than just a trip - the thrilling hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro mixed with a truly unique immersion into African culture topped of with a world class game drives all wrapped into one package. My husband and I had the time of our lives - so many goosebump-worthy moments that will live on in stories for the rest of our lives! Thank you Wildland Trekking!" - Robin T. (trekked with us on Kilimanjaro)
"We did the Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu and had an amazing time. Our guides Jose and Seth were the best! We would do another Wildland Trek just because of them; very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful." - Troy H. (trekked with us in Peru)
"I had an amazing experience and would recommend Wildland Trekking to all. Seth and Jose both were fantastic and so helpful throughout the trek. Their positive attitude and encouragement helped get me through the tougher parts of the trail and with being sick on the last day of the hike. The food was even better than I could imagine, and the trip was well organized and thoughtfully planned. I really appreciate all who were involved in helping make such an incredible experience a reality." - Ryan H. (trekked with us in Peru)
"Nicole and Camilo were amazing guides! I can't imagine being in better hands. Zero complaints. Nicole is a badass. She was incredibly considerate of each group members experience, and had planned for every detail while still allowing for spontaneity. She managed to make us feel completely safe in an unfamiliar part of the world, while still creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Camilo is the man. His extensive knowledge of the culture and history of the area really made the trip amazing. We never got the feel that we had a boring museum guide with us. Camilo's passion for his country is contagious, and his personality and sense of humor brought a great energy to the group." - David P. (trekked with us in Ecuador)
"I didn't know what to expect other then I was up for anything. Working and managing in the service industry, I know first impressions go a long way, and wildland hit it out of the park. From the minute Seth picked us up from the airport, he was on it. Seth and Jos went on showing the group and myself throughout the trip that they truely cared about our experience. It's rare to find someone who truely loves what they do for a living, but when you do while taking a 4 day hike to Machu Picchu, you come away with memories that'll last a lifetime. Thank you Seth, Jos, and Wildland. Can't wait till the next adventure." - Joshua M. (trekked with us in Peru)
"Of course the key to the trip are the guides. Both Stephen and the local guide, Jose, were remarkable in every respect. Always upbeat and helpful. " - Steve S. (trekked with us in Peru)
"Our guides, Stephen and Jose, were the best. We had a group of varying ages and abilities and they were responsive to all of our needs. They were very knowledgeable and provided a wealth of information about the country and culture." - Anita B. (trekked with us in Peru)
"Thank you Wildland Trekking! I can truly say that this is one of the best experiences of my life. I had a few mishaps before making it to Cusco, but once I met my guides all was well. Stephen and Jose are friendly, knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make sure everyone had a great experience. This trip was well organized and it seemed as if the guides and porters truly love what they are doing and the company they work for. The food was tasty and abundant. The porters and chefs were wonderful. I feel truly lucky to have been apart of this experience and wil definitely recommend Wildland Trekking to everyone I know. Thank you again for taking great care of the people who work for you. It really shows in the way they take care of the trekkers." - Nicole, L. (trekked with us in Peru)
"Overall, the trip was first class. The food and accommodations both on and off the trail were outstanding." - Edward S. (trekked with us in Peru)
"Stephen was a fantastic guide. Cool, calm and collected at all times. Very knowledgeable about local culture and customs. Highly professional and also fun to be around." - Stewart R. (trekked with us in Peru)