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Yosemite Backpacking Tours

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Yosemite Hiking Tours

Our Yosemite hiking tours include backpacking trips, a basecamp tour, an inn-based tour, and day hike tours. See trip style descriptions and tour offerings below.

Yosemite Backpacking Tours

If you're interested in experiencing Yosemite National Park in a powerful, adventurous and unique way then a backpacking trip is for you! Our Yosemite backpacking offerings range from ultra-famous hikes like Half Dome to remote, off-the-beaten-path trips like our High Sierra Loop. Regardless of which trip you choose, you'll spend several days in intimate contact with the waterfalls, views, glacial-carved valleys, massive domes, and peaceful backcountry of Yosemite! Choose from 7 outstanding backpacking tours in Yosemite.

Trip Duration Price
Yosemite Valley's North Rim 3-4 days $770-$975
Rancheria Falls 3 days $770
Classic Summits 4 days $975
Half Dome 2-3 days $565-$770
High Sierra Loop 4 days $975
Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne 4 days $975
Cathedral Range 6-7 days $1325-$1375
Basecamp Yosemite Hiking Tour

Our Yosemite Basecamp Hiking Tour is an opportunity explore the highlights of Yosemite on a series of exciting, diverse day hikes throughout the Park. We'll tackle what we consider to be the best hikes in Yosemite, which take us to thundering waterfalls, jaw-dropping views, towering granite monoliths, glacial-sculpted cliffs and valleys, remote mountains and more. Each evening we'll return to our Yosemite Valley camp where we'll enjoy showers, fantastic outdoor meals, campfires and relaxation.

Our Yosemite Basecamp Hiking Tour is 5 days and 4 nights and is rated Level 2 difficulty. Click here for more information.

Inn-based Yosemite Hiking Trip

If you want to experience the best of Yosemite in style, this trip is for you! Our Yosemite Inn-based Hiking Tour combines the best hikes in Yosemite with comfortable and cozy lodging outside Yosemite Valley. One benefit of staying outside the Valley is the peace and quite we'll have between our forays into the Park. Our day hikes, like the basecamp tour, will take us to thundering waterfalls, jaw-dropping views, towering granite monoliths, glacial-sculpted cliffs and valleys, remote mountains and more!

Our Yosemite Inn-based Hiking Tour is 5 days and 4 nights and is rated Level 2 difficulty. Click here for more information.

Yosemite Day Hike Tours

Yosemite is a big place, in fact a massive place with endless possibilities for sight-seeing, scenic drives, hikes and more. Maximize your visit by joining one of our guided Yosemite day hikes! Join one of our expert guides for a long, fulfulling hike through some of the best scenery in Yosemite. Enjoy the knowledge and stories your guide conveys as you hike and soak up the views. If you want to make the most of your time at Yosemite, join us for a day of hiking you'll never forget! Choose from 7 spectacular day hike tours in Yosemite.

Trip Duration Price
Half Dome Day Hike 10-14 hours $225
Vernal and Nevada Falls 4-6 hours $115-$215
Panorama Trail 5-7 hours $115-$215
Upper Yosemite Falls 5-7 hours $115-$215
Cathedral Lakes 4-6 hours $115-$215
Mariposa Grove 2-4 hours $115-$215
Taft Point - Sentinel Dome 4-6 hours $115-$215
Sequoia Kings Canyon Backpacking Trips

South of Yosemite are two national parks many people haven't heard much about - and that's part of what makes them so special! Sequoia and Kings Canyon are two lesser-known gems that offer incredible backpacking, camping, hiking and adventure. Known for their giant trees and towering alpine mountains, they also offer rejuvenating solitude and breathtaking mountain scenery. Come hike the Sierras with us, camp under the stars, and enjoy one of the best kept secrets in America's national park system! Choose from 4 phenomenal backpacking tours in Sequoia and Kings Canyon.

Trip Duration Price
Alta Meadows & Pear Lake 3-4 days $770-$975
Sawtooth Pass Loop 5 days $1180
High Sierra & Western Divide 5 days $1180
Alpine Lakes Loop 6-7 days $1325-$1375
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"Once again, Wildland Trekking showed me the wonders of the world. Yosemite Classic Summits was a fantastic journey through a magnificent and wonderful land. My guide was well prepared, well trained and educated, and extremely personable, not to mention a great cook! The office staff was great, answering questions or concerns quickly and efficiently, providing a thorough checklist so that I was as ready as possible. I can't wait for my next hiking trip and will definitely choose Wildland to show me how it's done." - Cheryl S.

"Chris and Sam were excellent guides, creating a happy group atmosphere, and tailoring the hikes to our diverse group's needs and abilities. Adventurous hikes through magnificent country took me out of my comfort zone without ever feeling unsafe. The campsites and gear were great, and our guides provided superb food. It was an unforgettable holiday and I'm already planning for next year!" - Hilary C.

"Our trip excee ded all expectations! Sandra was a wonderful guide -- she was very knowledgable, accurately assessed our abilities and planned accordingly and was a bundle of fun. Loved it-- would definitely recommend this trip and Sandra to anyone who is interested." - Rita P.