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Yellowstone Hiking Tours

Our Yellowstone hiking tours include backpacking trips, a basecamp tour, inn-based tours, day hike tours, ski/snowshoe tours, and Wind River and Jackson Hole backpacking and llama trips. See trip style descriptions and tour offerings below.

Yellowstone Backpacking Tours

There's no better way to experience Yellowstone National Park than on a Yellowstone backpacking adventure! Escape the crowded highways and venture into a pristine and stunningly scenic landscape with geysers, waterfalls, vast meadows systems, picturesque rivers and lakes, and abundant wildlife! Join our expert guides for an unforgettable trip that includes all gear and meals, as well as local transportation. Choose from 10 unforgettable backpacking tours in Yellowstone.

Trip Duration Price
Spring Trekking Adventure 3-4 days $795-$995
Bechler River Traverse 5-6 days $1195-$1440
Heart Lake and Mount Sheridan 3 days $795
Gallatin Crest Traverse 5 days $1195
Heart Lake to Snake River Loop 4-5 days $995-$1195
Mountain Country Trek 3-5 days $795-$1195
Shoshone Lake and Geyser Basin 3 days $795
The Thorofare 7 days $1530
Gallatin Skyline 7 days $1530
Observation Peak Trek 2-3 days $550-$795
Basecamp Yellowstone Hiking Tour

Our Yellowstone Basecamp Tour is an opportunity to enjoy an outdoor experience camping under the stars, hike different areas of the park to hit a diversity of highlights, see what we consider the best of Yellowstone, and enjoy amenities like showers, campfires, comfortable camping and fresh foods. All gear and meals are provided, as well as local transportation. Our expert guides are ready to show you all Yellowstone has to offer!

This tour is 5 days long and the cost is $1350 per person. Click here for more information.

Inn-based Yellowstone Hiking Trip

Join us for an unforgettable and optimally comfortable hiking experience of Yellowstone National Park! Our inn-based Yellowstone hiking tours combine the best of Yellowstone's thermals, geysers, waterfalls, pristine landscapes, and wildlife on a series of day hikes. Each evening we stay in hotels, inns or lodges and enjoy well-earned meals at local lodges and restaurants. All meals, gear, accommodations and local transportation included. Choose from 4 classic inn-based tours in Yellowstone.

Trip Duration Price
3 Day Inn-based Tour 3 days $1200
5 Day Inn-based Tour 5 days $1885
Yellowstone Ski Tour 4-5 days $1585-$2085
Yellowstone Snowshoe Tour 4 days $1585-$1785
Yellowstone Day Hike Tours

Make the most of your time in Yellowstone on a guided Yellowstone day hike tour! Choose from 5 different options ranging from easy hikes through geyser basins like our Mammoth Hot Springs Hike to long, challenging hikes like the Sepulcher Mountain Loop. All Yellowstone Day Hikes include use of a backpack, trekking poles and bear spray cannisters. A picnic lunch and trail snacks are also included. Choose from 6 outstanding day hike tours in Yellowstone.

Trip Duration Price
Old Faithful Geyser Basin Group 4-7 hours $139
Old Faithful Geyser Basin Custom 4-7 hours $109-$179
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone 4-7 hours $109-$179
Lonestar Geyser 5-7 hours $109-$179
Bunsen Peak 5-7 hours $109-$179
Mammoth Hot Springs 2-4 hours $109-$179
Yellowstone Ski and Snowshoe Tours

There's no winter destination more magical and pristine than Yellowstone National Park. Snow blankets the landscape, where thermals thaw vegetation for wildlife like elk and bison to graze. Wolves, mountain lions and other predators lay in wait for animals to become vulnerable in the deep snow. Geysers spray high over the winter scene and waterfalls freeze solid. Explore this amazing world on skis or snowshoes, led by our expert guides, and enjoy comfortable Yellowstone lodging each evening. Choose from 2 magical winter tours in Yellowstone.

Trip Duration Price
Yellowstone Ski Tour 4-5 days $1585-$2085
Yellowstone Snowshoe Tour 4-5 days $1585-$2085
Wind River Range and Jackson Hole Hikes

Yellowstone National Park is just the most well-known part of a massive and wild area known as the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Together the Wind River Range, Gros Ventre Range near Jackson Hole, and the Absaroka Range east of Jackson Hole comprise a significant and stunning portion of the region's best mountain ranges. Rich with wildlife, breathtaking mountains, rivers, lakes, meadows and high peaks, these trips are world-class! Join us for a backpacking trip or llama trek beyond Yellowstone! Choose from 17 unforgettable backpacking trips and llama treks in the Greater Yellowstone Region.

Trip Duration Price
Wind River Range Backpacking Trips 3-7 days $790-$1495
Wind River Range Llama Treks 5-7 days $1325-$1595
Jackson Hole Area Backpacking Trips 3-7 days $790-$1495
Jackson Hole Area Llama Treks 3-5 days $925-$1325
Absaroka Range Backpacking Trips 4-5 days $990-$1190
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"This was my fifth visit to Yellowstone over my life time (69 years). I saw more, learned more, experienced more, and enjoyed more of Yellowstone during my one week with Wildland Trekking than all the other visits combined. Great guides, fantastic itinerary, excellent food, super equipment, skilled facilitation, coordination, and execution by Wildland Trekking. I highly recommend hiking Yellowstone with Wildland Trekking." - Paul P.

"My husband and I completed 4 days and 3 nights in the back country of Northwest Yellowstone Park (September 1-4, 2013) with our guide Eddie Bowers. This is our second trip with Wildland Trekking and they did not disappoint. The planning, equipment, food and our guide were all top notch. Eddie had not personally done this particular trip before but we would not have known that if he didn't mention it. Eddie has a wealth of knowledge and experience and we enjoyed being with him on our trip. We had some rough terrain on our summit day and somehow he always knew where to go and how to stay on track. On our last day when we had a surprise black bear bluff charge us he was calm and handled the situation just like we heard in the pre-t rip orientation. Little did we know this was Eddie's first encounter with a bear as well, you'd never know it. Eddie's cooking was great and we always enjoyed our food, chicken curry salad at 10,000 feet, chicken gumbo or fajitas, it was all good food. The beauty of Yellowstone will not be forgotten and the organization and people of Wildland Trekking made the experience very enjoyable. We will not hesitate to use them on another guided vacation. Celeste & Mark Streger" - Celest and Mark S.

"I completed the Bechler River Traverse 8/5/2013 - 8/9/2013 and enjoyed my hike so much with Merik I came back a month later to complete another hike,the Magnificent Mountain Country Trek 9/7/2013 - 9/10/2013 also with Merik. I think I enjoyed myself even more the 2nd time around because of the group of people I met on this hike; they were incredibly friendly and we hit it off right away, just made an incredible bond during the hike. The one thing that impresses me about Wildland, is you get to experience some of the most beautiful places in this country while having the opportunity to meet some really wonderful people who enjoy the outdoors and hiking as much as you do. Thank you Wildland staff, Kristen, Ann Marie and Jill for all your help and arrangements and Thank you again Merik for another GREAT hike!" - Tim R.