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Most of our world-class destinations have one or more famous hikes that put them on the map - Inca Trail, Rim to Rim, Phantom Ranch, Havasupai Waterfalls, Half Dome, Mount LeConte, Laugavegur Trail, Angels Landing, Kilimanjaro. But these trips are barely scratching the surface of the potential of these areas and other more obscure destinations. Our Off the Beaten Path category provides guests a way to peruse trips and areas that are not well known, that provide a wilder more remote feel.

The allure of our Off the Beaten Path Treks are many: they tend to offer a higher level of solitude allowing guests to have the wilderness mostly to themselves; many have obscure waterfalls, hot springs, stunning views, wildlife habitat and other suprises; the permits are easier to get than the famous hikes, allowing us to confirm dates farther in advance; and you can often pick any dates you'd like and we'll be able to accommodate you!

We invite you to check out our Off the Beaten Path Treks below and call us at 800-715-HIKE (4453) with any questions!

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USA Trips
Sedona Hiking Tours and Backpacking Trips

Experience the stunning red rock pinnacles, buttes, canyons and other-worldly rock formations of the wilderness around Sedona, Arizona!

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Global Trips
Ecuador Treks

Embark on a trekking adventure into the towering volcanoes, rich mountain farmlands, and fascinating native cultures of Ecuador!

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Nepal Himalaya Hiking Tours

Hike through the land of giants in Nepal's Himalayas! Trek below towering snow-capped peaks, visit remote villages, have an adventure of a lifetime!

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