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Sedona Hiking Tours

Sedona's spectacular red rock country is characterized by sandstone towers, soaring buttes, deep canyons, spring-fed creeks, fascinating pioneer and Native American history, and a plethora of phenomenal hiking opportunities. Our award-winning Sedona hiking tours take guests on journeys to iconic Sedona highlights, towering desert summits and remote canyons. 

We also offer tours that combine hiking in Sedona with Grand Canyon, which is only 2.5 hours from Sedona. These combination tours offer the best hiking Northern Arizona has to offer in an all-inclusive package.

Trip styles in Sedona include inn-based hiking tours, a basecamp hiking tour, Sedona day hikes. Sedona backpacking trips are coming soon! Check out more information on our available tours below to see which of our Sedona options are right for you.

Sedona Backpacking Trips (Coming Soon!)

Trip Duration Distance Pack Weight
Wilson Mountain Overnight 2 days 10mi (16km) 10-30 lbs
Red Rock - Secret Mountain Loop 3 days 23mi (39km) 25-35 lbs
Woods Canyon - Munds Mountain 3 days 22mi (35km) 25-35 lbs

Sedona Inn-based Tours

Trip Duration Distance Pack Weight
Red Rock Adventurer 3-4 days 22+mi (35+km) 10 lbs
Grand Canyon and Sedona Tour 4 days 21+mi (34+km) 10 lbs

Sedona Basecamp Tour

Trip Duration Distance Pack Weight
Red Rock Basecamp Tour 4 days 27+mi (43+km) 10 lbs

Sedona Day Hike Tours

Trip Duration Distance Pack Weight
Grand Canyon/Sedona Combo 2 day hikes 3-9mi (5-14km) 10 lbs
Mitten Ridge 5-7 hours 8.6mi (13.8km) 10 lbs
Cathedral Rock 4-6 hours 7.4mi (11.9km) 10 lbs
Bear Mountain 5-7 hours 5.2mi (8km) 10 lbs
Wet Beaver Creek 6-8 hours 10mi (16km) 10 lbs
North Wilson Mountain 6-8 hours 8.4mi (13.5km) 10 lbs
Grand Canyon Discovery Tour 12-14 hours 3-6mi (5-10km) 10 lbs
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Inn-based Sedona Hiking Tours
2 Adventures
On our inn-based hiking tours you can sit back and relax while we take care of everything. Your only "job" is absorbing and enjoying all Sedona's red rock country has to offer!
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Basecamp Sedona Hiking Tour
1 Adventure
A Basecamp Hiking Tour is a great way to have an adventurous outdoor experience of Sedona while hiking with only a light daypack and sleeping soundly in comfortable, vehicle-accessible camps.
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Sedona Day Hiking Tours
7 Adventures
Maximize your time in Sedona by embarking on a day hike tour with one of our expert guides! Enjoy the assurance that comes with hiking with a guide who knows the area!
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Why Hike Sedona with Us?

1. 5-star Status in Sedona on Trip Advisor
Widland Trekking Online Reviews

With more than 10,000 guests joining our hiking tours and backpacking trips annually, we have a proven track record of providing quality trips that exceed our guests' expectations. We have 5-star status in Sedona on Trip Advisor: click here to see our Sedona Trip Advisor page. You can read additional guest comments on our Wildland Trekking Reviews and Facebook pages.

2. Exceptional Certified Sedona Guides
Wildland Hiking Guide in Grand Canyon

Our commitment is to hire and train the best Sedona hiking and backpacking guides in the industry. To ensure this we seek out career-minded guides, hire them as employees, comply with all labor laws, conduct extensive staff trainings, and require current medical and professional certifications. In addition to technical competency and credentials, we also require excellent people skills. These extraordinary men and women have the ability to turn a great Sedona get-away into an unforgettable, inspiring - and sometimes truly life changing - adventure. We invite you to read more about them - including reviews for each guide - on our Meet Our Team page.

3. Fantastic Meals and Top of the Line Gear
camping meal - bowl of noodles

To provide fantastic food to our guests we customize our menus based on the preferences of the group, and we do not use dehydrated backpacking meals - you can expect abundant, delicious food to fuel and motivate you on your Sedona hiking trip! We also regularly accommodate specialty diets.

Gear must be optimally dependable, durable and functional, so we purchase from only the best outdoor gear companies like Osprey, Black Diamond, and MSR.

4. Comprehensive Risk Management
guides helping woman cross river in Canadian Rockies

Safety on our Sedona tours is the number one priority. All Sedona hiking guides are certified Wilderness First Responders or EMTs, and each carries a field-issued first aid kit, comprehensive list of medical protocols, and a state-of-the-art emergency communication device. We also have a 24-hour on-call line that our staff, guests, and family members of guests can call any time (literally) to speak with a company representative.

5. All-inclusive Tours
all-inclusive hiking tours

Some Sedona tour companies don't provide sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks and other items, or they charge "gear rental" fees for use of these items - on our trips those items are fully included in the trip price. What about meals, permit fees and transportation fees? All totally included.

More Information About Sedona Tours

The Sedona Experience

It's easy to see why over 4 million visitors each year choose Sedona, AZ, as their vacation destination of choice. With miles of hiking trails to explore, stunning red rock peaks illuminated by the glow of a rising sun and gorgeous year-round mild weather, you'll be amazed by all that Sedona has to offer.

Lace up your hiking shoes as you trek across the famous Cathedral Rock formations to the soothing spring-fed waters of Oak Creek, or experience the desert solitude of Loy Canyon. Sedona has it all, and our guides are here to help you enjoy every beautiful peak and plateau.

With an expert from Wildland Trekking to guide your way, you'll experience more than you could have possibly imagined. Our hiking guides know the ins and outs of Sedona history and geology, as well as fun facts about what makes this beautiful area special. Anyone who's eager for a learning experience coupled with adventure will enjoy the unique opportunity that our guided hiking tours provide.

Whether you want to maximize your time in Sedona for the day or stretch out your stay into a four-day adventure, we offer a range of exciting and affordable options for both expert and beginner hikers. We can even customize a Sedona trekking trip based on your group's interest and level of physical comfort.

Experience the Wildland Trekking Difference

At Wildland Trekking, we give you more than just a hiking tour of Sedona — we offer you and your family the all-inclusive adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy the Wildland Trekking difference as you:

  • Hike the beautiful Sedona hiking trails with a variety of tours that meet the needs of both expert and inexperienced hikers.
  • Learn about the rich and impressive history behind Sedona, as well as its ecology and geology, from some of the most knowledgeable area experts.
  • Relish the serenity and outstanding views and endless photo ops of towering rocks, looming mountaintops and flowing creeks.
  • Explore Sedona worry-free. Our experts take care of meals, gear, sleeping arrangements, and risk management while you sit back and enjoy the view.

Book Your Sedona Trekking Adventure

Take the planning out of your Sedona, AZ, hiking vacation with Wildland Trekking. We know how hard organizing your trips can be — especially if you're new to hiking — which is why we take care of it all. From leading you to the most breathtaking views to providing you with delicious meals and top-quality gear, our friendly and knowledgeable staff helps you feel as comfortable as possible so you can relax and enjoy all that Sedona has to offer.

Ready to start your once-in-a-lifetime Sedona adventure? Browse our available hiking tours below and book yours today. Or, you can contact us for more information.

Why a Sedona Hiking Tour?

Sedona offers so much in the way of scenic vistas, amazing hiking trails, natural and cultural history, and wonderful lodging and camping. The vast majority of visitors, though, barely scratch the surface of all there is to do and enjoy in Sedona. Beyond the gift shops and off the 4x4 roads though is a vast wilderness with stunning red rock country views, ancient footsteps and remnants of creatures and humans alike, soaring buttes, sandstone towers, spring-fed creeks and more. Our Sedona hiking vacation packages allow you to show up, have an extraordinary experience of all Sedona has to offer, and be able to focus 100% on the experience, while we take care of everything else!

Choosing the Right Trip

We offer two inn-based hiking tours that showcase the splendor of Sedona's red rock country, while also providing a high level of luxury and comfort at a hand-picked lodge that perfectly reflects the local color of Sedona. One of the tours, Red Rock Adventurer, focuses 100% on the Sedona area, while the other, Grand Canyon & Sedona Tour, combines the best of Arizona all into one tour. We also offer a basecamp hiking tour that features wonderful camping along spring-fed waters of Oak Creek along with fantastic hikes and great outdoor cooking.

When to Hike Sedona

A Sedona hiking vacation is a great choice year round, as each season offers a different flavor. Spring is wonderful with springs and creeks flowing more fully, and the temperatures perfect for hiking and sleeping. Summer can be hot, but the afternoon thunderstorms offer exceptional skies for amazing photography and scenery. Fall is a wonderful time of year in Sedona with, like spring, perfect hiking and sleeping temperatures. Winter is exquisite in Northern Arizona with zero crowds and white snow capping the red rock formations.