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Our Global Adventures are opportunities to experience the best of the world's national parks and wild lands on foot via a variety of trip styles including portered camping treks in Peru, Ecuador and Tanzania; mountain hut trips in Iceland, European Alps and Patagonia; teahouse treks in Nepal; and lodge-based trips in Iceland, European Alps and Ecuador. We have the extraordinary privilege of operating trips in some of the world's most premier outdoor destinations: the ancient Incan Trails of Peru, Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Galapagos and Laguna Quilotoa in Ecuador, the Himalayas in Nepal, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the best of the Europena Alps, and Fjallabak Nature Reserve in Iceland!

These trips are officially run by Wildland International (WI). The founders of Wildland Trekking teamed up with veteran international guide Seth Quigg to form Wildland International. Seth brings his passion and experience as an award-winning international guide and outdoor instructor to the table to make these trips truly fantastic.

Wildland International's mission statement is:

To provide exceptional trekking adventures to the World’s most beautiful, wild and culturally-rich destinations, and to contribute significantly to the well-being of these areas and the people who inhabit them.

We take this mission seriously. We use our international trips, and the revenue from those trips, to contribute to the conservation and well-being of the areas and cultures we visit. We’re proud to be part of an organization forged on win-win relationships where, literally, everyone involved is enriched in some way. Whether it’s a guest or guide out on the trail, a porter or camp chef, a local hotel owner, an employee of one of the parks where we operate, or one of our non-profit partners, our goal is that everyone involved is positively impacted by Wildland International.

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Wild: living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated.

hiking tour companyWildland Global Adventures focus on the world's best remaining wild places: Iceland. European Alps. Kilimanjaro. Nepal. Patagonia. The Andes in Peru and Ecuador. Galapagos. The goal is to get you into the deep backcountry of these amazing wilderness destinations, where you can immerse yourself in their natural beauty, unique ecosystems and invigorating wildness.

Nearly everything is provided for you in terms of gear, meals and local transportation, so you can focus 100% on the trekking experience and exploring the destination of your choice. Discover exotic plants and animals; learn about the geology, history and ecology of the area; and soak up the breathtaking intracies of your experience: stunning sunrises, quiet moments on the trail, glowing sunsets, spectacular views and more! Your Wildland guides will educate you about the local ecology so you leave with more than sensory experience, but also with the knowledge and context to better understand everything you've experienced.


Adventure: an exciting or very unusual experience, often involving an element of risk.

hiking tour companyThese trips offer unique opportunities to escape your normal day to day routine and embark on unforgettable journeys to new and exciting destinations. Routine tends to dull our senses, while adventure - especially with an element of risk - stimulates awareness of our surroundings. It's in this increased level of awareness where we find the "freedom of the hills," the joy of adventure.

Joining a Global Adventures trip allows you to engage in adventure and risk with the guidance and support of experts. Unmanaged risk is stressful, while managed risk is invigorating. Wildland global trip leaders are extremely familiar with high altitude environments, unpredictable mountain weather, and 3rd world travel. You can step into your adventure knowing you're going with experts!


Travel: to move or go from one place or point to another; to proceed or advance.

hiking tour companyWildland Global Adventures are more than wilderness trips; they're also cultural immersion experiences. These trips allow you to engage with the local culture, while still being completely confident that you'll receive the quality experience you expect. Every trip has a U.S. based global trip leader along with local support guides and staff. By traveling with locals you'll get to experience the Quechua culture of Peru, the Kichwa people of Ecuador, the Sherpa people of Nepal and more!


"The trek was more than I had expected. It was fabulous. 1. The guides, Betsy and Dean, were great. 2. Jose Condor,the local guide, was quite knowlegeable and a perfect addition to the group. 3. The Inca ruins were outstanding. 4. Awesome time at Machu Picchu. 5. I took a photo of two young children at our first campsite. Communication was nonexistent, but I got a smile from the little girl's face when I showed her the photo I took of her and her brother. That was cool. Probably the first time she ever saw herself. 6. Food by the chefs quite good. 7. Hike in high altitude took some time to get used to. 8. Knees held up nicely on the 4,000' drop the last day! Wildland's attention to logistical detail certainly makes it easy for one to enjoy the trip. No worries. Just hop on the ride and go. Glad I went even though I think I lost ten pounds." - Tom T.

"My husband and I had the opportunity to travel with Wildland International to Ecuador this June. They went above and beyond any of our expectations. From planning the perfect hikes for each day to giving us wonderful information about the biodiversity/geology/history of the country each day while hiking. At the end of each day, we were surprised with some of the most beautiful inns to stay at each night that almost seemed like a dream. You get to see the natural beauty of the country and then you're rewarded again with amazing evening arrangements that one would not think would exist in these small villages. There was always a comfy bed or a fabulous meal awaiting you at the end of each day of hiking. The company of the guides on our trip extended the warm experience we had of the trip. They truly made us feel welcome and like family. If you are looking for a journey that will stay with you forever, make sure it is with Wildland International! You won't regret it!" - Gavin and Heather J.

"Iceland's Best Kept Secret was a wonderful trip filled with breathtaking views of the dramatic Icelandic landscapes. From ice-capped mountains and glaciers to grassy hills, I felt like we had jumped into a painting. The serenity and solitude were amazing. This was my first time backpacking and I'm so glad I chose this particular trip. I was impressed by our gear provided by Wildland Trekking and Myriam, our guide, was extremely helpful, professional, and knowledgable. I recommend this trip for anyone looking for an adventurous escape." - Risa C.

Global Destinations and Trips
Kilimanjaro Trek

Attempt a summit on the highest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro (19,340')! We also offer an add-on Wildlife Safari and Culutural Tour to complete your experience.

Tanzania Trips