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Upper Mustang


  • Remote, stunning part of the Tibetan Plateau
  • Temples, monasteries, and villages
  • Tremendous size of Himalayan mountains
  • Roaring rivers, waterfalls & broad valleys
  • Peak elevation of over 14,000 feet
  • Fantastic, local cuisine


Mustang is an ancient Himalayan Kingdom, which lies in the northern-central part of Nepal. The kingdom of Mustang is bordered by Tibet on 3 sides, which shapes the culture, language, traditions and lifestyle of the people. Upper Mustang is also considered one of the most interesting and picturesque places in Nepal. The environment of Upper Mustang is primarily desert and because of the high altitude, the climate is often windy and cold. The head waters of the Kali Gandaki river start in Upper Mustang and have shaped the landscape forming large valleys and drainages. The kingdom of Mustang holds some of Nepal’s oldest Buddhist Monasteries when it was formerly called the ‘Kingdom of Lo’. Luri Gompa is perhaps the most famous of these monasteries and is built into a cave, which sits high above the desolate landscapes of Mustang.
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Photos of this Trip

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

On this Nepal hiking tour, Wildland Trekking will pick you up from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal and transport you to our guest house in Thamel (tourist section of Kathmandu). We will have some down time to rest, eat and have showers. This evening we will meet for team introductions and general questions. We will then go out to dinner at our favorite local Tibetan restaurant. Be sure to drink copious amounts of water in route, as flying and traveling will certainly dehydrate you. Self care begins immediately

Day 2

This morning we will enjoy our first Nepali breakfast at the guest house in Thamel. We will then visit the famous "Monkey Temple" of Kathmandu, Swayambhunath. Once we are ready to leave Swayambhunath, we travel to the largest Buddhist stupa in the world, Boudhanath. After our temple tours, we travel back to Thamel for lunch. After lunch we have free time to wander the streets of Thamel, purchase last minute trekking supplies and rest at the guest house. We will set a time to meet for dinner and preparation for the following day. Additionally, we meet our Nepali guides for a thorough introduction to our itinerary to Upper Mustang.

Day 3

This morning after breakfast, we depart Kathmandu for the city of Pokhara. The drive takes roughly 4.5 hours and we have stops along the way to purchase snacks, eat lunch and have bathroom breaks. Upon arrival in Pokhara, we check into our hotel and have free time to freshen up or rest before meeting for dinner. After dinner your guides will deliver the plan for the next day.

Day 4

Hiking Mileage: 6.5 miles
Lowest Elevation: 8999 feet
Highest Elevation: 10147 feet
Trekking Duration: 3-4 hours

Today we wake up early, have a lite breakfast and head to the Pokhara airport. We will take a 20-minute flight to the town of Jomsom which lies to the northwest of Pokhara. On our flight we will have incredible views of 2 of the largest mountains in the world, Annapurna 1 and Mt. Dhulagiri. Upon arrival in Jomson, we arrange for our porters and gear and then have lunch, before walking 2.5 hours to the village of Kagbeni. Kagbeni lies on the Kali Gandaki river and translates to "bolt at the 2 rivers". Once we arrive in Kagbeni, we check into our guest house and have free time to freshen up, take photographs or rest until dinner is served. After dinner your guides will provide the plan for the next day.

Day 5

Hiking Mileage: 8.5 miles
Lowest Elevation: 9216 feet
Highest Elevation: 13152 feet
Trekking Duration: 5-6 hours

This morning we will have a hearty breakfast before departing the village of Kagbeni. We begin ascending slowly toward the east bank of the Kali Gandaki river and will traverse many ridges as the river bends north. We then come to the village of Tangbe, which consists of a labyrinth of alleys amongst white washed houses, fields of wheat and apple orchards. The mighty Nilgiri peak dominates the skyline to the south of Tangbe. We will depart Tangbe and trek towards the village of Chhusang. We say goodbye to the Kali Gandaki river and climb up a steep gully to the village of Chaile. Upon arrival at Chaile, we check into our guest house, freshen up and have some free time until dinner is served. After dinner our guides will provide the plan for the next day.

Day 6

Hiking Mileage: 9.5 miles
Lowest Elevation: 10168 feet
Highest Elevation: 12628 feet
Trekking Duration: 7-8 hours

This morning, after breakfast we begin our walk to the village of Chele. Our trail today continues to meander up steep and rocky terrain along the side of the spectacular canyon to a pass in the mountains. From the pass, we will make a long, gradual descent until we reach the village of Samar. We will then trek above Samar over a ridge, dropping down into another valley. We continue to trek slowly, ascending and descending until we reach the village of Shyangmochen. From Shyangmochen, we gently climb to a pass at roughly 12,000 ft. and descend to our guest house located in the village of Gehling. We check into our rooms, freshen up and have a well deserved dinner. The guides will provide the plan for the next day.

Day 7

Hiking Mileage: 9.5 miles
Lowest Elevation: 11676 feet
Highest Elevation: 13185 feet
Trekking Duration: 6-7 hours

This morning we will wake up and have breakfast before departing from Geling. We begin walking slowly to a beautiful pass called the Nyi la. From the pass we descend below the multi-color cliffs to a steel bridge of the Tangmar Chu River. We then arrive at the Mani walls(walls or rocks with Tibetan Buddhist prayers carved), which is perhaps the longest and most spectacular Mani wall in Nepal. After the Mani wall we will continue to walk until we reach the village of Charang. Charang is famous for a large 5-story, white Dzong and Red Gompa (Holy Buddhist Statues) when we visit them along with the dozens of Thanka(Tibetain Buddhist)paintings. We will have a well deserved dinner and our guides will provide the plan for the next day.

Day 8

Hiking Mileage: 7 miles
Lowest Elevation: 11710 feet
Highest Elevation: 12956 feet
Trekking Duration: 5-6 hours

After breakfast we begin our trek to Lo-Manthang. We will have views of Mt. Nilgiri, Mt. Tilicho, Mt. Annapurna I and Mt. Bhrikuti. The trail first descends through Charang Chu Canyon, and then ascends after crossing a river. We then travel to the windy pass of Lo, where we will have amazing views of the Lo-Manthang valley and the Tibetan plateau. In addition, visit one of the oldest Gompas (Buddhist Shrine) in Nepal. Once we arrive in Lo-Manthang, we will check into our guest house and have free time until dinner.

Day 9

Hiking Mileage: 4.5 miles
Lowest Elevation: 12595 feet
Highest Elevation: 13450 feet
Trekking Duration: 4 hours

Today we have a rest day, while exploring the surrounding areas of Lo-Manthang. We will walk roughly 2 hours to the Namgyal Gompa and Tingkhar village. Namgyal Gompa is situated on a hilltop and serves as an important monastery to the local community. After the tours we have lunch and then the afternoon is at your discretion. There is the option to visit the Champa Lakhang, Thugchen Gompa and the Chyodi Gompa. Other attractions are the Raja’s palace and stunning views of the Himalayas. We will remain in our same accommodation for the night.

Day 10

Hiking Mileage: 9 miles
Lowest Elevation: 12530 feet
Highest Elevation: 14170 feet
Trekking Duration: 6-7 hours

Today we trek to the village of Drakmar via the village of Gyakar, which is more than 1,200 years old. We visit the Ghar Gompa, where Guru Rinpoche (Famous Buddhist teacher) is primarily worshipped. The Ghar Gompa is also famous for its elaborate rock paintings. The legend has it, that anyone who travels to the Ghar Gompas and makes a wish, it will come true. Once we arrive in Drakmar, we will check into our guest house and have free time until dinner is served.

Day 11

Hiking Mileage: 9.2 miles
Lowest Elevation: 11513 feet
Highest Elevation: 13185 feet
Trekking Duration: 6-7 hours

After breakfast, we pack our gear and head to the village of Shyangmochen. Once in Shyangmochen, we check into our guest house, have lunch and the afternoon is free for you to explore. We will meet at a designated time for dinner and your guides will deliver the plan for the next day.

Day 12

Hiking Mileage: 8.6 miles
Lowest Elevation: 9840 feet
Highest Elevation: 13153 feet
Trekking Duration: 5-6 hours

This morning we pack up our bags and re-trace our steps to the village of Chhuksang. Todays trek is absolutely beautiful with views of the mighty Himalayas. Once we arrive in Chhuksang, we check into our guest house, have lunch and then have free time until dinner. Your guides will provide the plan for the next day.

Day 13

Hiking Mileage: 12 miles
Lowest Elevation: 8888 feet
Highest Elevation: 10100 feet
Trekking Duration: 6-7 hours

Today we will be our last long trekking day of the Upper Mustang region. We wake up earlier than usual and depart Chhuksang after breakfast. We begin walking to the village of Kagbeni, where we eat lunch. After lunch we will begin walking and eventually merge onto the Annapurna circuit trail before reaching the village of Jomson. Upon arrival in Jomsom, we will check into our guest house and have free time before dinner is served.

Day 14

After breakfast, we head to the Jomsom airport and check-in for our flight back to Pokhara. Upon arrival in Pokhara, we are met by our shuttle driver, who will transport us to our hotel for the night at Fewa Lakeside. We have the remainder of the afternoon to relax, do laundry and go shopping, before meeting for dinner.

Day 15

Today we have a leisurely morning and take in the main attractions around Pokhara. Pokhara is known for being very laid back and is the second largest city in Nepal. There is so much to do!!! Depending on group interests, we will explore the Mountaineering museum, go boating on Pewa Lake, hike up to a Buddhist shrine or go to the Tibetan refugee community for a traditional ceremony. We have lunch in between activities and meet for dinner.

Day 16

After breakfast, we start our 124-mile drive back to Kathmandu. Upon arrival in Kathmandu, we check into our guest house and have free time to rest, explore Thamel and go shopping. We will meet at a designated time for dinner.

Day 17

Today we sleep-in and have a leisurely morning. After breakfast, we take a tour of Durbar square in Kathmandu. We spend a couple of hours in Durbar square before making our way back to Thamel. After lunch we board our private, mini bus and drive to Bhaktapur or the hill monastery of Namobuddha. Both of these areas are rich in Nepali and Tibetan culture. Back in Katmandu, we have free time for shopping until we meet for dinner. Tonight will be our last dinner and last night together in Nepal. We will make it a good one!

Day 18

Today is the final day of the Wildland Trekking, Upper Mustang Trek. Our shuttle driver will come to your hotel 3 hours before your flight departure and deliver you to Tribhuvan International Airport. If you are remaining in Nepal, please let us know. We can arrange extra activities in Nepal. Thanks for choosing Wildland Trekking.

Add-on Rooms: If you'd like to extend your stay, we are happy to book extra room nights before and/or after your trip at our preferred hotel for an additional 30% service fee.

Please Note: We always do everything in our power to follow the set itinerary, however occasionally trips are subject to itinerary changes based on a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to: extreme weather, political or bureacratic obstacles, earthquakes, fires, flooding and more.

Trip Details

What's Included

  • A detailed trip packet that takes the guesswork out of your travel, training, packing, and preparing for the trip
  • Access to our Adventure Consultant team 7 days a week
  • Transportation for the duration of the tour starting on Day 1 and ending on the day you depart
  • Hotel lodging before and after the trekking portion of the trip
  • Tea house lodging during the trek
  • Use of a day pack and trekking poles
  • Professional, knowledgeable, certified Himalayan hiking guides (U.S. and local)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of the tour
  • Emergency equipment including a company-issued first-aid kit and satellite phone
  • You will receive a Lifetime Hiking Membership entitling you, your spouse and kids to a lifetime discount of 10% off any Wildland Trekking hiking trip after your first one!

What's Not Included

  • Transportation to Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Bar bills, drink bills, extra snacks, telephone bills , wifi bills and other personal expenses (shopping/ laundry)
  • Clothes, raingear, and footwear
  • Sunscreen, toiletries and personal items
  • Water bottles and a headlamp or flashlight
  • All expenses due to unavoidable events e.g. flight cancellation, personal illness, strikes, etc. (we recommend trip insurance coverage for these variables)
  • Trip insurance that includes medical coverage and at least $200,000 in evacuation and repatriation coverage (required in Nepal)
  • Gratuity for guide(s) and crew (industry recommendation is 10-15% of trip cost; please tip your USA guide and they will distribute responsibly to the crew. USD is recommended.)
See the Packing Lists page for more information.

Meals: What To Expect

This Nepal hiking tour features a combination of in-town meals and meals prepared by your guide. We'll have dinners at carefully selected, wonderful restaurants in Kathmandu as well as meals prepared on the trail by your guides and/or support staff, and meals in our nightly tea houses.

For optimal taste and energy, we supplement all our meals with spices, herbs, oils, cheeses, butter, sugar, and fruits and vegetables. In addition, we provide you with with an assortment of trail mix, snacks, and dried fruits to eat at your own discretion.

We can often accommodate vegan, vegetarian, kosher and non-gluten diets and make adjustments for food allergies. These and other special dietary requests may require an additional fee, and in some countries may be more difficult to accommodate than others. Please inquire with us for more information about the specific trip you're interested in.

Gear We Provide

We provide all group gear which includes the following:
  • Backpacks
  • Trekking poles
  • Tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads
  • Company-issued first-aid kit
  • Satellite phone

What Gear To Bring

We ask that you supply a couple of gear items on your hiking tour. These items are two 1-liter water bottles per person and basic items like sunscreen, bug repellent (where and when applicable), lip balm, and toiletries are also important. All of these items are available online at Wildland Trekking Outfitters.

What Clothes to Bring

Please refer to the trip packet for a recommended clothing list (we email you a detailed trip packet when you inquire and when you register). All trips require a sturdy pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots (reliable brands include Montrail, Lowa, Merrell, Vasque, and Salomon), rain gear, and non-cotton and cotton clothing layers. A minimum of three pairs of wool or synthetic hiking socks are also required. All of these items are available online at Wildland Trekking Outfitters.

NOTE: See the Packing Lists page for more detailed information on what clothes and gear to bring on your hiking tour. The trip packet you receive when you contact us will have the most accurate clothing and gear list for the tour you're interested in.

Trip Logistics

How do I Register?

Ready to hike? Simply click here and complete the form to get the ball rolling. Our adventure consultants will confirm availability, and if you're ready to register we'll email you a link to a registration profile. You'll have 72 hours to complete your profile (and that of any dependents) and pay the deposit ($500).

Feel free to call us for more info - we're here 7 days a week!

Where Do We Meet?

We will meet you at the airport on Day 1 and transport you to the first night's hotel (included), where we'll conduct an orientation meeting at 5:00 PM the first evening (your flight should arrive in Kathmandu before 5PM). Your guide will be in contact approximately 4 weeks before your trip to coordinate your rendezvous and answer any last-minute questions you have.

All international trips officially begin with either pick-up at the airport or with rendezvous at the first night's hotel. They end on the final day after breakfast with either drop-off at the airport or with guest departure from the guide(s) and the rest of the group.

Safety Considerations

Your safety is our top priority. Our Global Destination trips are led by professional hiking guides (U.S. and local) along with additional support staff. All of our guides are wilderness-certified first responders or EMT's, each with years of guiding and wilderness experience. Finally, we've developed comprehensive risk management protocols that our guides adhere to in case of an emergency, and all tours carry a satellite phone. If you have any further questions about safety, please contact us at 1-888-966-TREK (8735) for more information.

In the interest of your safety, it's important to refer to the Center for Disease Control website for up-to-date recommendations on immunizations before your trip.


Your tour will be led by trained, experienced professionals (both U.S.-based and local, click here to learn more) with a solid guiding background, years of personal wilderness and hiking experience, medical certifications, and a passion for leading people into breathtaking landscapes. Check out our Meet Our Team page for staff bios.

Guide Working Parameters

Guides are required to take 8 hours off each 24-hour period to sleep, recuperate, take personal/down time...etc. In addition, as part of the 8 hours off they must sleep/rest or be in their tents/rooms uninterrupted for a minimum of 5 hours each night. We ask guests to respect these requirements and to not interrupt guides' off time and sleep time unless there is a true emergency.

Group Size and Age Restrictions

The standard group size on this hiking tour is 12 guests and 2 guides, with a minimum of 2 guests and 1 guide. If you have more questions about group size, please give us a call at 1-888-966-TREK (8735) and we'll answer all your questions.

Age restrictions are as follows:
  • 12 and older to join scheduled tours (mixed groups)
  • 5 and older to join private tours, with final approval and specific logistical requirements (such as porter or stock assist) determined on a case by case basis

Trip Insurance Requirements

Field evacuation and repatriation insurance are required on all Nepal trips.

Before purchasing this insurance, check personal medical policies to see if you already have these coverages. Also know that credit cards sometimes have trip coverages embedded in their card services.

If you need to purchase field evacuation and repatriation insurance, we recommend Global Rescue. They are the world’s leading provider of travel risk management services. Visit their website to purchase coverage online. You may also call 1-800-381-9754 or 1-617-459-4200 for more information. The Global Rescue Membership provides the required evacuation and repatriation coverage. If desired, you may also purchase medical insurance (along with a host of other coverages) by securing Global Rescue’s Signature Travel Insurance.

If you would like to purchase field evacuation and repatriation insurance from another provider, we recommend checking with Insure My Trip (www.insuremytrip.com) or Travel Guard (www.travelguard.com). If you do purchase from anyone other than Global Rescue, we recommend that you carefully consult with the provider to ensure that you have the appropriate coverage. We are not experts in trip insurance, and many providers have a number of policy exclusions.

Important note: Please bring a copy of your insurance to hand over to your guides at your first meeting.

Weather in Nepal

Nepal is home to the highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas. Kathmandu is at an elevation of 4600 feet (1400 meters), but the high points on our Nepal Treks are very high (13,000 to 18,000 feet). Because of these wild elevation changes, the temperatures and weather can also vary wildly.

The average temperatures and precipitation in the Himalayan region are:

Kathmandu Namche (11K ft)
Month Hi Low Precip Hi Low Precip
March 75° F 46° F 10 mm 49° F 27° F 31 mm
April 82° F 54° F 29 mm 55° F 31° F 36 mm
May 84° F 59° F 70 mm 57° F 38° F 55 mm
June 84° F 63° F 129 mm 59° F 42° F 171 mm
July 81° F 64° F 325 mm 60° F 45° F 283 mm
August 81° F 64° F 239 mm 60° F 45° F 261 mm
September 81° F 63° F 175 mm 58° F 42° F 161 mm
October 77° F 57° F 67 mm 54° F 34° F 63 mm