Great Smoky Mountains Backpacking Tours

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Great Smoky Mountains Hiking Tours

Our Great Smoky Mountains hiking tours include backpacking trips, inn-based tours, and day hike tours. See trip style descriptions and tour offerings below.

Great Smoky Mountains Backpacking Tours

A backpacking adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains is an exciting way to experience the park's outstanding natural beauty and unique cultural history! The 'Smokies' are an icon of Appalachian Mountain culture stretching back to the late 18th century when early settlers etched out homes in these stunning mountains. The Great Smoky Mountains' magnificent forests, endless ridges, high peaks, cascades and waterfalls, wildlife, and clear mountain streams make it a hiker's paradise. Choose from 10 unforgettable backpacking tours in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Trip Duration Difficulty (1-5)
Mount Sterling Appalachian Loop 4 days Level 4
Fontana Lake - Hazel Creek Loop 5 days Level 4
Gregory Bald Loop 3 days Level 3
Clingman's Dome - Deep Creek 4 days Level 3
Smoky Balds and Old Growth 4 days Level 3
Appalachian Crest, Valleys & Balds 6 days Level 3
Smoky Mountains Traverse 7 days Level 5
Winter Creeks and Peaks 3-4 days Level 3 or 4
Deep Creek Family Trip 2-3 days Level 2
Spring Break Family Trip 4 days Level 2
Inn-based Great Smoky Mountains Hiking Trip

Hike the Great Smoky Mountains in style! Enjoy phenomenal day hikes by day and charming inns, cabins and/or hotels at night. Experience the waterfalls, deep forests, sweeping views, amazing history and biodiversity of the Smokies on one of our inn-based tours, which include local transportation, lodging, meals, park entrance fees and a professional Great Smoky Mountains hiking guide. Choose from 4 unforgettable inn-based tours in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Trip Duration Difficulty (1-5)
3-day Smoky Mountains Hiking Experience 3 days Level 2
5-day Smoky Mountains Hiking Experience 5 days Level 2
Mount LeConte Lodge Tour 3 days Level 2
Spring Break Family Trip 4 days Level 2
Great Smoky Mountains Kayak Tour

Paddle and hike on this memorable 3-day, 2-night excursion on Fontana Lake in Great Smoky Mountains National Park! We kayak to an island in the middle of Fontana Lake, where we spend 2 nights soaking up the beauty and serenity of this stunning area. We'll swim, relax, paddle and explore around the island. We'll enjoy sunset dinners on the shore and sleep in one of the most peaceful settings you can imagine. The second day we paddle across the lake and embark on a long day hike through lush forests, along mountain streams, and to awe-inspiring view points. Don't miss this trip - click here to visit the full tour page!

Great Smoky Mountains Day Hike Tours

Make the most of your day in the Great Smoky Mountains on a guided day hike tour! Learn about the amazing natural and cultural history of the Great Smoky Mountains, enjoy the peace of mind that results from hiking with a local expert, let us take care of the gear and food, and hear amazing stories that have taken place in these extraordinary mountains. All Great Smoky Mountains day hike tours include use of a backpack and trekking poles; snacks and lunch; and a professional Great Smoky Mountains hiking guide. Choose from 3 amazing day hike tours in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Trip Duration Difficulty (1-5)
Great Smoky Mountains in a Day 10-12 hours Level 2
Charlies Bunion - Jump Off 5-7 hours Level 3
Ramsey Cascades 5-7 hours Level 3
Inn-based Great Smoky Mountains Hiking Trip

Join us beyond the Great Smoky Mountains in Beyond the Smokies and experience a world of lush forests, cascading waterfalls, BIG views, incredible biodiversity, fascinating history and absolutely wonderful hiking. Around Asheville, North Carolina there are pristine mountains without crowds, where we explore the wilderness and history of Appalachia on backpacking and inn-based trips. These trips are all-inclusive and are led by local, expert Appalachian hiking guides. Choose from 3 unforgettable Beyond the Smokies Trips.

Trip Duration Difficulty (1-5)
Shining Rock Wilderness Backpack 4 days Level 3
Blue Ridge Hiking 3-Day Inn-based Tour 3 days Level 2
Blue Ridge Hiking 5-Day Inn-based Tour 5 days Level 2
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"This was an amazing trip. We enjoyed every moment even with sore muscles. Our guides were fabulous. They were both very helpful, attentive, courteous, friendly and just really a lot of fun. The food was absolutely amazing they really did a great job. Overall one of the best trips thank you so much." - Susan W.

"Bob and Sean were absolutely amazing with their light hearted, fun, yet very skilled and professional presence. There were victories to be achieved, and they helped make that happen with just the right amount of encouragement and support. I can't wait to come back!" - Gayle S.

"Awesome hike with great people and an excellent guide who made even some of the difficult times managable. Had a great time and a hike of a lifetime. Thank you all, especially our guide Tiffany." - Jim R.