Photo: Russ Nordstrand
Grand Canyon Hiking & Backpacking
Join us in Grand Canyon National Park!
Get up close and personal with one of the most unique and dramatic landscapes on the planet. Hike, sightsee and explore your way through a world of sheer cliffs, arid desert, lush oases, roaring waters, resilient wildlife and jaw-dropping views. Discover pristine, rugged and spectacular Grand Canyon.
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Grand Canyon Backpacking Trips

Backpacking Trips

Explore the Depths and Wonders of Grand Canyon
Hike deep into the Grand Canyon. Soak up phenomenal views and billions of years of geological history. Sleep under the stars. Join us on a Grand Canyon backpacking trip!

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Stock Supported Trips

Hike and Camp in the Grand Canyon in Comfort
Hike with just a light day pack into the depths of the Grand Canyon. Camp overnight and sleep beneath the stars. Discover the magic on a stock supported Grand Canyon hike!

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Grand Canyon Camping and Hiking Tours

Basecamp Hiking Tours

Canyon Day Hiking and Camping
Day hike into the Grand Canyon on a diversity of trails. Camp in established, pine forest campgrounds on the rims. Make the most of the Canyon on a Grand Canyon basecamp trip!

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Inn-based Grand Canyon Hiking Tour

Inn-based Hiking Tours

Hike and Explore by Day, Live it Up at Night
Discover the wonders of the Grand Canyon by day on diverse day hikes. Shower, dine, and relax in style at night. Explore in comfort on an inn-based Grand Canyon hiking tour!

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Grand Canyon Day Hike Tours

Day Hike Tours

Maximize Your Time at the Grand Canyon
Descend into the Canyon through billions of years of geology. Watch it come to life. Challenge yourself. Maximize Your time. Join us for an unforgettable Grand Canyon day hike!

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