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Wildland Trekking Company Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission Statement is:

"To provide exceptional hiking adventures to North America's most beautiful and wild landscapes, and to contribute significantly to the conservation of these special places."

In pursuit of this mission we strive to follow a business philosophy that guides our day-to-day operations. This philosophy is broken down into four generalized areas.

Four Areas:

1. to enjoy work on a daily basis
2. to provide impeccable customer service
3. to enrich our guests' lives
4. to promote long-term sustainability of ecology, economy, and community

The first three areas are relatively easy. Enjoyment of our work comes from a passion and belief that providing hiking and backpacking tours into majestic landscapes is meaningful. Customer service is a commitment to management style and professionalism, and you can check out our impeccable record on the Better Business Bureau web site by clicking on the image below. Enrichment of our customers' lives comes from the services we provide - from the form, rhythm, and renewing qualities of the beautiful and wild places in which we work.

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Using Our Business as a Tool for Conservation

Unlike the first three areas, the fourth, that of conservation, is a bit trickier. This relates to diverse societal values toward the land, onerous and contradictory land management policies, and complicated legal and political barriers to reform.

Lets examine these points a bit closer. As stated, societal values toward the land are diverse, but for many there is no identity with nature, no intimate, direct experience with place. For these souls there is generally no realization that a connection with nature can help them to better realize their potential as humans, or that modern civilization is mounting an unprecedented assault on the natural world. In these cases exposure to the natural world can help to create an emotional identification with the land that can motivate day-to-day action on behalf of the places we love. It is our dream that these special places will be preserved and cherished by many generations to come!

Emotional identification with the land is often a first step toward conservation, but it's not enough to simply love a place; effective environmental reform also requires scientific, legal, and political know-how. For example, resource management is often guided by science, but also by administrations with varying agendas. Because of this it is imperative that citizen activists and non-governmental organizations hold government and businesses accountable for their actions.

This century's first eight years of bipartisan politics gutted, ignored, or repealed the previous 40 years of positive environmental legislation, often in direct opposition to majority opinion. That is, a refusal to join the Kyoto Treaty, the desire to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an attempted repeal of the Roadless Rule, a proposal to compromise the protections of our national parks, and a bias for corporate profits over conservation force action on behalf of those willing to "fight the good fight."

Our Partners in Conservation

With the above ideas in mind we're attempting to do our part by partnering with four organizations that we strongly believe in.

  • 1% For The Planet ( is an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier environment. As a member of this organization we recognize a responsibility to and dependence upon a healthy environment and donate at least 1% of our annual gross revenue to environmental organizations worldwide.

  • Leave No Trace (LNT) ( is an organization that educates outdoor users about the nature of their recreation impacts and teaches techniques aimed at preventing and minimizing such impacts. The LNT position is that education is better than regulation. All our trips teach and promote LNT practices.

  • The American Hiking Society (AHS) (read more about AHS) promotes hiking and the protection of foot trails and their surrounding natural areas. Their goal is to inspire Americans to get outdoors, volunteer and protect trails. We are a corporate sponsor of AHS, and our guests receive a discounted membership that includes a subscription to Backpacker Magazine!

  • The Greater Yellowstone Coalition ( exists to preserve the wildness and ecological health of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which encompasses Yellowstone National Park and accompanying wilderness areas in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. This incredibly special region is one of the last vestiges of wildness in the Continental U.S., and we're proud to sponsor their efforts annually.

The Wildland Trekking Company was born from a passion for wild and beautiful land. We promote conservation and protection of the environment not from a sense of duty or obligation, but from a joy that stems from the privilege we've had in experiencing some fantastic landscapes.

Thanks for your support and happy trails!

All of us at The Wildland Trekking Company


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