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Wildland Trekking in the Media
Active Times Yellowstone Snowshoe Article
March 2014
Sunset Magazine
In December of 2013 we were contacted by Sunset Magazine for a piece they were planning for their March issue on America's national parks. They wanted to interview one of our Colorado guides for professional input on Rocky Mountain National Park. Our veteran guide, Sandra Corso, helped them and was quoted in the article. They didn't produce an online version of the article, but we have a framed copy at our main office in Flagstaff.
Active Times Yellowstone Snowshoe Article
January 2014
The Active Times
In January of 2014 The Active Times produced an article about winter activities in Yellowstone. Our Yellowstone Snowshoe Tour was featured and our company photographer, Russ Nordstrand, supplied them with photographs for the slideshow. You can click on the image to the left to read the full article.
Teenlife Havasupai Spring Break Family Tour
Winter 2013
Teenlife Magazine
In November, 2013 we were contacted by a freelance writer, Diane Daniel, doing a piece on family spring break ideas for Teenlife Magazine. She asked if they could include our Havasupai Spring Break Trip for Families in their story. We helped them with information and photos and the story appeared in their Winter 2013 edition. To see the story click on the image to the left and scroll through to page 27!
May 2013
Certificate of Excellence, Trip Advisor
"TripAdvisor®, the world's largest travel site* announced the 2013 Certificate of Excellence award recipients in May. Now in its third year, the award celebrates hospitality excellence and is given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor. Winners of the Certificate of Excellence are located all over the world and represent the upper echelon of businesses listed on the website, with only the top 10 percent receiving the prestigious award." - from
Men's Health Article Hiking Grand Canyon and Havasu Falls
October 2012
Men's Health
In October 2012 Men's Health produced an online piece called "The World's Greatest Winter Getaways." They chose a hiking excursion into Havasu Falls as the 8th of 17 featured activities. We assisted them with the Havasu portion of the project, shared photos, and our website is listed as a resource for guided trips. You can click on the image to the left to see the full article.
Brad Ball, owner of the Wildland Trekking Company
July 2011
The Official Best Of Arizona on the Discovery Channel
In 2011 our Mule-assisted Classic Grand Canyon hiking tour was featured on the show "The Official Best of Arizona" as the Best Backcountry Adventure in Arizona! Our tour was chosen based on the quality of our guest reviews, the reputation of our company, and the wide range of abilities and experience levels this trip is available to. Feel free to click on the image to watch a clip of the show. Enjoy!
Backpacker Magazine Article
May 2010
Backpacker Magazine
In February of 2010 Backpacker Magazine contacted us asking for insider information on the best wildlife hikes in Yellowstone. They were interested particularly in specific wildlife - wolves, bear, moose, big horn sheep - and which hikes would provide the highest probability of seeing them. Our Rocky Mountain Field Coordinator, Steven Cundy, was featured in the article as the resident expert. They didn't create an online version, so the only way to see the article is to visit one of our offices in either Missoula or Flagstaff, where we have framed copies up for display.
Grand Canyon Hiking Article
USA Today Travel
In USA Today Travel Bernard McCoy, an associate professor of journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a writer for USA Today, wrote an article about hiking the Grand Canyon. In the article he describes our company and lists us as a prime resource for hiking the Canyon. We were honored to be listed. Feel free to click the icon to read the article.
Ron Bubb, Colorado Rockies and Grand Canyon Guide
July 2008
London's Travel Magazine
London's Sunday Times features a traveler-oriented publication called Travel. In 2008 we were contacted by Sally Howard, a freelance writer doing a piece for Travel, who wished to join one of our most exciting and strenuous treks in the Grand Canyon and write an article about it. In June of 2008 she joined our New Hance Loop Hike and published her article in Travel Magazine in the July edition. She raved about the experience and about Wildland Trekking, and we were of course thrilled to be featured!
Doug Campbell, Hiking Guide
October 2008
Lancaster Online
Ron Callihan, a Wildland Trekking guest in the Grand Canyon in 2008, is a cancer survivor. At the time he was also a recent widower, his wife having also been afflicted with cancer. In this amazing article he describes how the goal of hiking the Grand Canyon helped him persevere in his battle with cancer. He celebrated his recovery with us in October of that year by hiking rim to rim. Feel free to click on the image and read the article that was published in the Lancaster Times and Lancaster Online.
Ron Bubb, Colorado Rockies and Grand Canyon Guide
May 2007
Turkey Country
In May 2007 Turkey Country published an article about Nancy Stevens, a Wildland Trekking guest who joined us on a Rim to Rim hike. It doesn't seem like too big of a deal considering hundreds of guests join us for that tour every year - except for the unique fact that Nancy is blind. Click on the image to read her amazing story and her review of our company. Jill Hewins, her guide, clearly made an impact on her, and she certainly made an impact on us! We remain honored and grateful that she chose us to host her adventure in the Canyon.
Ron Bubb, Colorado Rockies and Grand Canyon Guide
July 2006
The New York Times
In July 2006 Kate Siber, a writer for the New York Times who was writing an article on dehydrated backpacking meals, contacted us to see if we would support her with the article. She wanted experts in the hiking and backpacking industry to sample several backpacking meals and give feedback for the article. We were happy to help her with the article, which came out in the next Sunday's newspaper. You can click on the image to read the full article.

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