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Our Rocky Mountain National Park hiking tours include backpacking trips, a basecamp tour, and day hike tours. See trip style descriptions and tour offerings below.

Colorado Rockies Backpacking Tours

Rocky Mountain National Park is in many ways the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Our Colorado backpacking trips take you high to alpine basins, mountain lakes, craggy peaks, glaciers, forests and the wildflower-filled meadows of Rocky Mountain National Park. We offer a variety of trips that fit a range of fitness and experience levels. For novice hikers a hike to Thunder Lake or Little Rock Lake are great options; more experienced and ambitious hikers might look to our Longs Peak Loop or Mummy Range Trek. Regardless of your choice, we're ready to provide an unforgettable adventure! Choose from 5 spectacular backpacking trips in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Trip Duration Difficulty (1-5)
Continental Divide Loop 5 days Level 3
Thunder Lake 3-4 days Level 3
Longs Peak Loop 5 days Level 5
Little Rock Lake 4 days Level 4
Mummy Range Trek 5 days Level 4
Colorado Rockies Basecamp Hiking Trip

Our Rocky Mountain National Park Basecamp Tour is an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and famous Colorado Rockies from the comfort of a scenic, private campground. We'll leave camp each day and embark on a series of day hikes that hit the highlights of Rocky Mountain National Park. We'll hike to waterfalls, high peaks, mountain lakes, lush valleys, excellent areas for wildlife like moose and elk, and more. Each evening we'll return to camp for showers, great outdoor meals, and campfires. Come join us for an extraordinary experience of the Rocky Mountains!

The Rocky Mountain National Park Basecamp Tour is 5 days, 4 nights in length and is a Level 2 difficulty tour. Click here to read more.

Basecamp Rocky Mountain Hiking Tour

Make the most of your time at Rocky Mountain National Park with a guided day hike tour! Choose from 5 unique, signature hikes, each an exceptional experience on its own. Learn about the amazing geology of this region - how it was once a high alpine plain that has since been gouged and eroded by encroaching and receding glaciers. Learn about the wildlife and plants, and hear amazing stories about the people who have called this place home. We provide backpacks, trekking poles, snacks, lunch and a professional guide. Join us for an exceptional day in the mountains! Choose from 3 classic day hike tours in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Trip Duration Difficulty (1-5)
Glacier Gorge 5-8 hours Level 1
Chasm Lake 6-8 hours Level 2
Mount Chiquita 6-8 hours Level 3
Black Lake 6-9 hours Level 2
Mount Ida 7-9 hours Level 3
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"Look. This is my second trip with Wildland. The reason I go is to see the mountains etc., but the reason I return to Wildland is because of the comprehensive level of planning and skillful management of the trip. From the first email I send to management, through the registration process, further with securing transportation and lodging recommendations, and finally on the days of the trip, everything is thorough, thoughtful, and professional. Thanks." - Lansing F.

"Great trip. My first backpacking adventure and I loved every minute. Chris is a great guide and an asset to your company. Hope to see you next year!" - Paige H.

"This trip was exceptional for me - a life experience. I typically organize my own trips, but am very glad I agreed to go on this one after my friend Dr. Schultz invited me to go on the trip. Chris really "took care of us, and made the excursion even more interesting because of his knowledge and varied interests." - Jim D.