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Yellowstone Base Camp Tour
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Tour Description
What sets our Yellowstone Base Camp Tour apart is the ability to see a tremendous amount in one visit, have a wonderful outdoor experience, and enjoy comforts like showers and cozy sleeping amenities even while camping.

We'll go on five diverse hikes which together create a comprehensive, truly unforgettable experience. The hikes well represent the amazing attributes of this exceptional national park. You’ll enjoy breathtaking mountain scenery, the most well-known and spectacular geysers in the park, and abundant wildlife viewing opportunities.

You’ll also have a fantastic overall outdoor experience as we camp under star-lit skies. Your guide will cook tasty outdoor meals as you relax around the campfire and absorb the magic of Yellowstone before and after your hikes.

If you're interested in getting up in the mountains and experiencing the best of Yellowstone - and a lot more than what you can see from the roads - this tour is for you. Call us at 1-800-715-HIKE to reserve your spot today!

Tour Overview
Base Camp Tour (details)
5 days
30 mi / 48 km
2 (details)
2 (details)
Bozeman, MT
$1350 pp
Trip Itinerary and Details
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Tour Start Dates
June 23
July 14
August 4
June 22
July 13
August 3
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