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Welcome to our online reviews page! With well over 1,000 reviews about our trips posted online, there's no better way to find out about Wildland Trekking's unforgettable hiking trips than by hearing from the people who have been on them. We invite you to peruse the review sites linked below to check out for yourself what our guests have to say about the Wildland Trekking experience. While every destination isn't specifically referred to, these pages and reviews reflect the quality experiences we provide on every trip, and at every destination (more on this below).

Please Note: Trip Advisor does not create review pages for multi-day tours, thus the "Day Tours" label for each page. However, we invite you to read through the reviews our guests have left to get a good idea of the comprehensive, quality experiences we offer. Trip Advisor also requires tour companies to have a "place of business" within 60 miles of the destination. Because some of our destinations are more than 60 miles from our offices (especially of course with our Global Destinations), we aren't able to have a Trip Advisor page dedicated to each destination.

Grand Canyon