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About Russ Nordstrand
Russ Nordstrand, Landscape Photographer

Russ began guiding hiking and backpacking trips for Wildland Trekking nearly a decade ago. Around that time he also began to take his photography, which up to that point had been primarily an amateur pursuit, to a much more serious, professional level. Investing in better equipment, classes to improve his skills, and countless hours of practice, he has become an award-winning fine art photographer, and is a frequent presenter at prestigious art shows around the Western U.S.

Russ is the lead guide and instructor on all of our hiking photography tours. In fact, his passions for wilderness travel and photography, as well as his love of sharing those passions with others, were the driving forces behind the creation of our hiking photography tour program. He is now a seasoned photography instructor as well as a veteran wilderness guide, the combination of which give him the ability to lead, teach, host and entertain in ways that consistently leave our photography guests thrilled with their experiences!

Purchasing Prints
Russ Nordstrand, Landscape Photographer

Whether you'd like some breathtaking reminders of a trip you did with us, a framed picture for your office, or a photo for your website, Russ's collection will very likely have something for you. His photos come from guiding as well as his personal travels all over the world. From Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon to the Himalayas, his work is far-reaching and inspiring. Click here to check out his photography and purchase photos and prints.