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Grand Canyon Hiking Adventures


Yellowstone Hikes and Winter Trips

  Grand Canyon Hiking Tours
  Yellowstone Hiking tours and Yellowstone Backpacking Trips  
Our expertly guided Grand Canyon hiking tours will take you into one of the earth's most striking and spectacular of landscapes. The Grand Canyon is a hiking destination unlike any other - an amazing cathedral of soaring ramparts, an ethereal world of light and stone. Join us on all-inclusive Grand Canyon hiking tours to experience the best Grand Canyon hikes available!
Get away from the highways and into the pristine backcountry on one of our Yellowstone hiking tours or Yellowstone ski and snowshoe tours. Yellowstone National Park is much more than a drive-thru park, it is a vast wilderness graced with abundant wildlife, backcountry geysers, hidden waterfalls, and fantastic hiking and skiing! Enjoy the best of Yellowstone hiking on one of our Yellowstone hiking or backpacking trips!

Yosemite Hiking & Backpacking Tours


Havasu Falls Hiking Tours

  Yosemite Hiking and Backpacking Tours   Havasu Falls Hiking Tour  
Join us in world renowned Yosemite National Park for a Yosemite hiking tour or Yosemite backpacking trip. Soaring peaks, massive granite monoliths, wildflower-filled meadows and rich wildlife combine to make Yosemite a world-class hiking destination. Enjoy our friendly, professional hiking guides as they lead you on an unforgettable Yosemite National Park backpacking adventure!
Our Havasu Falls Hiking Tours start with a 10 mile journey into the Southwest's most famous waterfalls. Our camp is on the shores of Havasu Creek, close to Havasu Falls. Let mules carry your gear, enjoy classic Grand Canyon hiking, and soak up a truly stunning destination! A Havasu Falls Tour is a bucket list sort of adventure - something we should all do at least once!
  Grand Canyon Hiking Tours in the Media  

National Park Hiking Tours
Join the Wildland Trekking Company on hiking and backpacking adventures! Find the perfect Grand Canyon hiking tour, Havasu Falls tour, Yellowstone backpacking trip or Rocky Mountain National Park trekking adventure! Our tours are all-inclusive with expert guides, exceptional meals, and personalized service. Our southwest adventures include Grand Canyon hiking and backpacking trips, Utah hiking and backpacking trips, as well as mule-assisted hiking tours into Havasu Falls. Our mountain adventures include Yellowstone backpacking trips, Yosemite hiking and backpacking tours, and Rocky Mountain National Park backpacking trips. Come join us for an extraordinary journey into truly breathtaking landscapes!